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 Giles Nihil

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Hiraito Kilepura

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PostSubject: Giles Nihil   Sun Apr 12, 2009 11:52 pm

Player ID: Hiraito Kilepura or Rildok
Character name: Giles Nihil
Race: Human
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 195 lb.
Faction/Organization: Bounty Hunters
Alignment: Neutral
Personality: gets the job done without hesitation
Strengths: High range of combat training, experienced long to close range combat
Weaknesses: takes things too seriously, may shoot an ally if he doesn't like 'em, melee combat to an extent
Likes: Getting paid, his job, killing
Dislikes: Something going wrong, annoying people
Other: He has shot and killed allies in the past because they got on his nerves or got in his way.
Equipment: Timed sticky grenades
Character History: Working on it.

Suit Name: Onyx-S1
Suit Type: Battle Suit
Each weapon has an ammunition generator built in and all are on his back except for the pistol which is on his side. But if used too much at one time, they will overheat and will take some time to cool down, not able to be used until cooled.
> High caliber assault rifle
> Phasic round pistol
> Incendiary round shotgun
> Precision sniper rifle
> Advanced basic shielding
> Hazard shielding
> Heat shielding

Ship Name: Grasler
Ship Type: Military Frigate
Weapon Systems
> Laser cannon
> Shield disruptor cannons
> Missile launchers
> Cloaking field
> Onboard heavy shields
> Deployable decoys
> Deployable attack drones
Additional Info
> It has an AI computer that communicates with Giles as if it were a real person
Registered to the Name of: Giles Nihil
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Giles Nihil
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