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 Quick Practice Works

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Quick Practice Works Empty
PostSubject: Quick Practice Works   Quick Practice Works Icon_minitimeTue May 26, 2015 1:16 am

Just to brush back up on my writing.  Still going from first-person, as usual for me.


Ever since humanity's infancy, there was something that people would fail to acknowledge, something beyond or beneath their attention.  In the Dark Ages, it was referred to as the Spanish Inquisition, as few would truly expect the crazy zealots to traipse about in northern Europe for their witch-hunts, in the Twenty-First Century, it was an honest politician.

Now, it was Space Pirates.

Jeez, do we ever get a break?

"This is your Captain speaking, Hostile contacts have been confirmed, ALL HANDS TO BATTLE STATIONS!"

The klaxons rang throughout the hall as the announcement repeated itself ad-nauseum, echoing with the ringing clangs of metallic armorsuit boots slammed against the floor, artificial gravity plating keeping the ship's relative G close to traditional Earth-Gravity.  I wasn't paid well enough for combat, I was just an engineer.

Well, something of a combat engineer, but that's only because of the damn role-expansion last month.  I didn't sign on for a fight.  I wasn't an idiot.  Bounty hunters do our jobs for us ninety-percent of the time and about three times better than we could have managed it.

Still, I was suiting up along with the rest of the Security crew, articulated plates of high-density carbon weave fitting tightly to a thick nylon and Kevlar vacuum suit underneath.  Each system locked over one another perfectly, plates extending and further articulating to fully enclose me.  Closest thing to a true power suit that they trusted me with.

Last one blew up, and it wasn't my fault that the neural scanners were faulty.  Techs can't seem to differentiate between a crossed wire and a broken program these days.

The helmet came on last, blinding me for moments before the sensor suites activated and soft blue light from the Visor fell upon my eyes.  Inventory, Internals, Mediscanners, and a Structure Analyzer- in the case I was a true idiot- flashed active, signalling the completion of the boot cycle.  The ship rocked as heavy weapons fire impacted the hull, judging from a complete failure of the Barrier Field, it was a high-yeild, low velocity torpedo round.  My job was going to be interesting today.

Very interesting.
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Quick Practice Works
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