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 Inverax (WIP)

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Sivus Grahn

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PostSubject: Inverax (WIP)   Fri May 29, 2015 7:58 am

Player ID: christen MX


Character name: Inverax
Race: AntiTroid
Age: ???
Gender: N/A
Height: ???
Weight: ???
Minor changes are present, the metroidy thing in the center of the chest is its main body (the rest is a synchronized flesh suit), and is a red/purple/black color, while the nuclei inside are a white-blue-green color. The head also has two vaguely eye shaped red shapes where eyes would be, and several red dots that are the surfaces of metroid nuclei below where the "eyes" and where the nostrils would be on a human face are.
Personality: ???
Strengths: ???
Weaknesses: ???
Likes/Dislikes: ???
Known Languages: Metroid, Esperian


Faction/Organization: Esperian Empire (Theoretically)
Alignment: ????


Other: ???
Theme Song: Brinstar Alchemy
Equipment: ???


Character History: ???

-Battle suit-
Suit Name: ???
Suit Type: ???
Weaponry: ???
Shielding: ???

-Alt Form-
Alt Form Name: release
Description: Inverax's main body detaches from its suit and flies around independently, allowing it to move through tighter spaces, primarily used for activating devices while its armor fights for it. almost entirely temporary, as the main body doesn't have much combat capability.
Abilities/Weapons: ???

Ship Name: ???
Ship Type: ???
Weapon Systems: ???
Attachments: ???
Registered to the Name of: ???

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Inverax (WIP)
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