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 Talon Hawke

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PostSubject: Talon Hawke   Fri Jun 10, 2016 11:32 pm

Player ID: Crazyzealot


Character name: Talon Hawke(Occasionally uses the name Sanctis)
Race: Human Mutant, cybernetic enhancements.
Age: Unknown, appears to be in her 20s
Gender: Intersex(Hermaphrodite), female gender.
Height: 6'10
Weight: A bit heavy
Tall with a toned physique. Has shoulder length white hair and red eyes, and scars all across her body and face, coming from years of combat on the planet and shrapnel from an explosion. Her healing factor heals most of the damage, but still leaves a bit of scarring most of the time. Rather large breasted.
Wears an armored leather jacket with only the right sleeve, armored pants, and boots with retractable foot blades, when she's not wearing her power suit.
The face scars are kinda like this(Aside from the shrapnel and eyepatch)
Strengths: Her mutated physiology gives her enhanced strength, speed, and regeneration. Immortality(As in cannot die from age, her age is locked due to her cybernetic implants)
Weaknesses: She may be able to regenerate wounds, but taking enough wounds will kill her. Especially decapitation.
Known Languages: Galactic standard, Tawfretian. Has a universal translator in her power suit.
Other: Bisexual


Faction/Organization: Bounty Hunter, former Tawfret survivor
Alignment: Neutral


-A longsword vibroblade, has an energy wave emitter that allows her to slash targets from far away if she charges it, as well as sheathing the sword in a form of energy based off the beam option she chooses.
-Two revolver-based handguns, firing numerous beam-enhanced forms of bullets. Can be charged.
-A shotgun, with the appearance of a handheld double barrel sawed off. Fires pure energy and can be charged.
-A Federation assault rifle.
-A bracer on her left wrist that can emit a medieval-style hard light shield, or a "riot shield" style shield. Also very durable and able to block most attacks on its own.
-Grapple beam, attached to the bracer on her left wrist. Able to grab enemies and slam them to the ground, or pull them to her.

Tawfret storyline equipment:

Cybernetic implants:
Age-locking implants: She decided if she's going to die, she'll die in combat. (OOC reason is I want to use her in Legacy time honestly)
Battle theme:


Character History:

All that is known of her is that her home planet was Tawfret, and she was born to a couple parents who were on the planet when the Phazon meteor crashed a couple decades before the actual phazon wars began, and she was born mutated due to the genetic mutations her parents received from residual contact with the leviathan impact, causing her to grow silver hair and red eyes, among other things. She grew up in the tunnels underneath the planet, the upper world being much too inhabitable to live on, but the Phazon beings were rather docile, only really attacking when attacked.
At the age of 20, her town was attacked by Tawfretian Authority soldiers after refusing to go with them, and as a mutant purge. She barely escaped with her life, having been caught in a grenade explosion and assumed dead by the soldiers, her burn and shrapnel wounds mostly healing hours later. With her home town purged and her friends and family killed, she left to wander the tunnel network, stealthily avoiding bandits and other Authority soldiers who were patrolling the tunnels. She eventually wandered the tunnels until she made it to an overgrown city, only inhabited by bandits and the occasional patrol, trying to find her way to another city she could live at.

(Will add other things here when I think of them)

Eventually she managed to put together a working ship, made out of junk parts she found all across the planet, and left to finally escape the wasteland planet.

After this, she went to the nearby planet Treceran, which was infested with zombies pretty much minutes after she arrived. With the help of someone known to her as Rose, they wandered across the world, with her getting her suit, known as the Praetorian suit, and several replacement weapons.

She later got cybernetic implants and became a bounty hunter, working for anyone who'd give her money.

-Battle suit-
Suit Name: Rift-Walker Suit
Suit Type: Transdimensional hazard protection exo-suit
Weaponry: Grapple beam emitters on wrists
Shielding: Energy shielding, including a very strong hard light shield that emits from the left bracer at will. Strong Phazon shielding
Other: Multiple visors and a translator.
Description and abilities:
Like most power suits, it can be materialized at will.
Appearance: Looks like this, except modified and fitted for her, giving it a more feminine figure. She is helmetless when outside of combat

Tawfret story:

Ship Name: Tawfret's Legacy
Ship Type: Firefly class freighter
Weapon Systems: Laser turrets along the sides, missile turrets over the cockpit.
Attachments: Enhanced shield generators, enhanced warp drive.
Registered to the Name of: Talon Hawke

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Talon Hawke
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