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 Talon Locke

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PostSubject: Talon Locke   Talon Locke Icon_minitimeFri Jun 10, 2016 11:51 pm

Player ID: Crazyzealot


Character name: Talon Locke
Race: Mutated Human, Synthetic Human/Artificial Intelligence(18+)
Age: 12 when she was brought into RAIT, 18 when she was made into a synthetic(a bit before Fusion), 118(Legacy, still appears 18)
Gender: Female
Height: 6'1"
Weight: Light
Appearance: A toned woman with medium length white hair with bangs that frequently cover her left eye and rather large breasts. Has a bar code on her shoulder and manufacturing markings(Including model numbers) on different parts of her body, along with clearly synthetic glowing blue eyes that she covers with sunglasses while off duty, though otherwise her body is indistinguishable from a human, due to her replacement body being made for infiltration. Her AI hologram form looks about the same, but it's completely purple.
Armor appearance:(post-Cyberization)
Personality: Cocky
Strengths: Psychic powers pre-cyberization, regeneration(using nanotech post-cyberization). Combat training including hand to hand combat, usually uses this rather than melee weapons.
Weaknesses: Regeneration needs to be focused on, can't be done in the middle of battle unless she's behind cover.
Known Languages: Galactic basic, all known languages due to a translator in her robotic brain(18+)


Faction/Organization: Federation Ghost
Alignment: Neutral


Other: Lesbian
All of her equipment can be warped in using virtual storage space, materializing her weapons from pure energy.

  • A pistol with numerous settings, including regular rounds, armor piercing, disruptor(anti-shields), explosive, silencer, stun and more. It's made to self destruct(or electrify, there's a setting) if an unauthorized person holds it.
  • A Federation slugthrower assault rifle, with as many settings as the pistols.
  • A shotgun with a suppressor option, in addition to options for dragon's breath, slugs, and more.
  • A sniper rifle that can fire tranquilizers, anti materiel rounds, and sticky shocker stun rounds. Internally suppressed.
  • A modular rifle that can fire several types of energy weapons based on Chozo arm cannon technology. Can be customized into an assault rifle, shotgun, or sniper rifle depending on attachments or settings.(Only one of two of the rifles is used at a time)
  • An electric stun rod, can be overcharged to be lethal.
  • A high frequency combat knife

Theme music:
Shots Fired:
<=-----=>Character History: Character History: Born on a planet in the fringe space that was bombarded by mutagens in the past, she was born with psychic powers due to mutations her parents acquired. At the age of 12, her city was raided by a group of pirates unaffiliated with the Space Pirate faction, killing nearly everyone and killing her parents in front of her. This set something off, her emotions causing her psychic powers to activate. Completely destroying the brains of the nearby raiders, she went on a rampage, destroying the raiders using telekinesis and other powers, the city being filled with torn apart raiders alongside the shot civilians.
Or at least that was the official story behind it(And what she was told and believed). In reality, the city was actually a home base for an anti-Federation resistance force, and the RAIT were sent in to silence them, with Talon Locke's parents being the commanders of the insurgency base. Her ability to take out highly trained operatives using only her mind made her a valuable asset, the men taking her in alive and training her to be a Wraith herself, after a bit of memory alteration. After the RAIT division was shut down, she was relocated to the Ghost program, which was pretty much the replacement for the RAIT division.
At the age of 18, her body was badly damaged during an operation gone wrong. Her mind was converted into an artificial intelligence, hosted in a cybernetic body, with her old remains being used to study the effects of the mutations to see how she developed psychic powers, leading to the creation of genetically modified psychic soldiers.
Even without her psychic powers, which she lost in the transition, she was a very effective field agent. She went on countless missions for the Federation, ranging from full stealth missions where she went in and out of areas without a trace, to assassination, to full blown one-woman assaults on separatist and space pirate bases.

-Battle suit-
Suit Name: Psyker suit(able to channel psychic energy to do certain things) (Dropped after her body replacement)
Suit Type: Power suit
Weaponry: Able to have psychic energy charged through it in order to enhance her strength and speed.
Shielding: Energy shielding. Can be boosted with psychic energy.
Other: Helmet can be retracted/dematerialized. Has gravity boot technology, in addition to a grapple beam and cloaking device. All triggered by mental commands, due to the suit being built for psychic warriors. The suit functions as a light body armor for anyone else. "Charge" device: Using experimental Federation technology based off of the chozo speed booster, the user of the suit can fly forward to attack their opponent at nearly light-speed, appearing to turn into pure energy, even phazing through low cover to do it. Has a cooldown of 2 minutes and regenerates the shields on impact.

-Ship 1-
Ship Name: Scythe(Jokingly called the Lockemobile by her at times)
Ship Type: Scythe class fighter-tank, Fighter form
Weapon Systems: Rapid fire plasma cannons and machine guns, high explosive rocket launchers. EMP generator and hacking system.
Attachments: Cloaking device
Other: Transformation system, able to turn into a very fast moving and quiet(engine-wise) tank. Is also able to be used as a submarine vehicle for the rare cases where such a thing is needed.
-Ship 1 alt form-
Ship Type: Scythe class fighter-tank, Tank form
Weapon Systems: Rapid fire machine guns with settings for energy weapons and bullet projectiles, a heavy cannon that can fire several different forms of projectiles in addition to energy weapons. Electromagnetic pulse generator, long range hacking device to mess with the systems of other vehicles.
Attachments: Cloaking device, grappling hook. Boosters.
Other: Very maneuverable, runs on wheels that can rotate in ways enabling fast movement and strafing. Silent engine.
Registered to the Name of: Talon Locke
-Ship 2-
Ship Name: Ebon Hawk
Ship Type: Federation Stealth Frigate
Weapon Systems: Plasma cannons, sustained fire laser weapon, rocket launchers, bombs, tractor beams
Attachments: Cloaking device
Registered to the Name of: Talon Locke

-Miscellaneous thing-
Her drone
"Name": Sparky
Type(?): Based off Chozo technology, with a bit of Federation and even stolen Space Pirate thrown in. Available by request for Ghost operatives.
Weapon systems: Small machine gun, can be switched out for an energy weapon, or fire nonlethal shock knockout rounds.
Other systems:
-Remote control - Can be remotely controlled by Talon due to her link with it, this is not the same as brain uploading and it has a limited range. Otherwise it operates on command.
-Brain uploading - Talon is able to transfer her brain to the drone. She only does this if her current body is damaged beyond field repair. A signal is sent to the Ebon Hawk, usually followed with a dropship coming to pick the drone up.
-Cloaking system
-Energy shielding.
-Energy wall - Can create a wall of shielding energy.
-Hard Light materialization - It is summoned at Talon's will, or automatically if her body is determined to be badly damaged and she is unconscious/deactivated.
-Flash detonation - It can send out a flash bang-like explosion, blinding everyone around it.
-Remote hacking using Scan Visor technology.

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