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 Angel Wraith

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PostSubject: Angel Wraith   Angel Wraith Icon_minitimeSat Jun 11, 2016 11:26 am

player ID: christen MX
character name: angel wraith (nickname, so named for his tendency to either appear as an angel of death, or to ghost kill his enemies from very far away)
race: human
age: 17
gender: male
height: 6'6
weight: 200 pounds (w/o suit) 210 pounds (with suit)
known languages: English, Japanese, German, Russian.
appearance: has black short messy hair, he is athletically muscular, wears a changing zero suit, his eyes are solid black, with no iris' or pupils, they will occasionally turn deep red.
Faction/Organization: his own. does things his way for his own reasons, never gets hired, looks around and finds things he thinks could be interesting and then gets the pieces of technology he has that would be most useful.
alignment: his own. explained above.
personality: he likes to play around as he is young, and he acts high and mighty to people he does not know just to annoy them, as he likes to see their reactions.
strengths: he has a large supply of raw materials, and also has many pieces of equipment in his possession, all of which he himself made for people (mostly him), has a lot of training in fighting.
weaknesses: he is a child and usually acts it, he takes missions without other people knowing, and this has earned him an odd reputation that makes things difficult at times, and he does not care about mission difficulty, only the mission entertainment factor.
likes: missions, making things, experimenting on tech, experimenting on organisms, playing, making people react funnily.
dislikes: people not reacting the way he wants them to, things going wrong in the lab, losing.
equipment: lots, changes based on what would be most useful. full list is very long, but here are some basics:
beam modes:
- power beam (not used anymore)
- strong beam (a much stronger power beam, about as powerful as two charge shots, just as fast though)
- plasma beam (does not use, outdated)
- firing beam (works on a similar principle to the plasma beam, but works as a constant stream of fiery plasma that goes straight, must be powered up first. lasts for three seconds)
- wave beam (does not use, outdated)
- elec beam (works on a principle similar to the wave beam, but fires smaller singular shots that are twice as strong, and one and a half times as fast)
- ice beam (does not use, outdated)
- crystal beam (seems to be a more powerful ice beam at first glance, but is phazon based actually. freezes the thing/s hit in crystallized phazon)
- piercing beam (strong beam that combines the plasma and original wave beams, does not use, outdated)
- hyper beam (not like either used in a metroid game. uses a form of randomized energy to power this beam, effects are very randomized because of this. only uses in dire circumstances)
- sun beam: shoots powerful shots made of plasma put into it's solid state, explodes violently upon contact.
missile modes:
- missiles (does not use, outdated technology), super missiles (does not use, outdated technology)
- mega missiles (does not use, still outdated)
- giga missiles (powerful shots made out of beam energy that explode very violently on contact with any surface, can't use as the chance of it hitting the inside of the barrel is too high.)
- multi beam (has a Gatling like system of barrels, fires very rapidly, not too powerful though. 9/10 of a power beam per shot, but three times as fast as one)
- violent missile (charges a shot outside of the arm cannon barrel, then fires this powerful missile. not as powerful as the giga missiles though.)
- terra missile (fires a missile that cracks the earth around the area hit and makes the ground rise up and squash the things where it is rising at)
endo-suit equipment:
- forty mini-thrusters situated all over the body that allow extreme jumps
- gravity repulsers on the feet that allow powerful jumping on their own, they cannot however jump properly off of walls, and need to have two close walls for jumping
- speed burster: allows quick bursts of speed over short distances, powerful enough to shoot through regular walls, but this drains shields heavily
- a strong magnetic system in the suit allows for gripping walls, even completely smooth ones; speed burster can be used off of walls
character history: An unfortunate soul, this boy was captured by a government at a young age and experimented upon for years before being frozen in stasis and passed from scientist group to scientist group, being woken up only for the experiments and then "frozen" again immediately afterwards. These experiments went on for untold years, bringing this 21st century boy into the present time, where he eventually escaped from his current holders during one of their experiments on him. He was moving from place to place for years, though eventually he stopped, having started building a permanent home for himself. This home took the form of a mechanical planet with many shifting parts designed to reconfigure itself into whatever surface and internal shaped was required, thereby giving him the ability to train under any conditions with any terrain. The mecha-planet resides within a sub-dimensional pocket refferred to as "slip-space", which connects to everywhere in the universe, this is a fact he uses to his advantage, traveling in "slip-space" and arriving at his destination within seconds instead of days or years. however, slip-space has strange effects on creatures used to normal time-flow, causing them to not only age at an extremely reduced rate due to the slower passage of time, but it also can have strange effects on their minds, causing them to develop mental disorders with no understandable reason; although he has yet to experience this, it may yet happen one day, a fact which gnaws at him constantly.

main suit: Death bringer
suit type: penalty of destruction class WMD suit
Death Bringer Cannon: death penalty beam (fires a quick moving and ending, but powerful laser, can pierce walls. or more accurately rip holes in them), charge penalty (a charge shot version of the death penalty beam, more powerful by a quarter, lasts a second longer), zero beam (a concentrated zero laser, fires at ice beam speed, does as much damage as a one second hit from the zero laser, has short range) 
special equipment: hyper generator (creates an energy source that powers the cannon up further, very quickly eats through power reserves, and if it gets to regular power it can cause the exo-suit to explode. increases all parameters by twenty percent for the first ten seconds, forty for the second set of ten seconds, then it starts eating through main power, which increases the parameters by two hundred percent for the twenty safe seconds it can last. but if he tries to stay in this state for more than twenty seconds the chance of his exo-suit exploding drastically increases each second, and even if he escapes before the exo-suit explodes he still will have drained very far into his energy tanks. about twenty energy tanks are used for the twenty safe seconds, and more and more have to be pumped in for each extra second).
shielding: heavy passive response wrap shielding (standard style shielding, infinitely thin energy shield), ultra-heavy active response shield (a spliced plasma/energy shield, the generators are in the hands. these shields require him to place his hand in the path of the attack, this causes the shield to activate and block the attack, changing shape depending on the shape and direction of the incoming attack. these shields are almost indestructible, and posses rapid generators, recharging them quickly and automatically, the shield projects a few inches away from his hand being used, using both doubles the power), hazard, varia

secondary suit: spirit reaper
suit type: wraith class
weapons: built in sniper "rifle" called the Alia sniper cannon, it takes the place of a regular arm cannon, and looks like one crossed with a sniper rifle, and fires small, usually weak shots that pierce through flesh like a lightsaber would through butter, this is perfect for instantly killing enemies by striking the areas of instant death, such as the brain; equipped with a powerful X-ray visioning system with very powerful zoom function
special equipment/functions: invisibility generator that cloaks him to all but X-ray visioning equipment.
shielding: ultra-weak (barely able to offer protection)

alt-form: none
description: none

ship: specter of doom
ship type: specter class gunship
simple weapon: single regular power beam cannon on front
complex weapon: hyper cannon (a large cannon, used by his ship, that fires powerful and highly explosive beam/missile shots at medium speeds. used in bombing runs instead of ship missiles)
attachments: none
registered to the name of: angel wraith

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Angel Wraith
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