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 Tekyon, Renegade Space Pirate

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Tekyon, Renegade Space Pirate Empty
PostSubject: Tekyon, Renegade Space Pirate   Tekyon, Renegade Space Pirate Icon_minitimeSat Jun 11, 2016 11:28 am

player ID: christen MX
character name: Tekyon
race: space pirate (experimentally mutated, one of few to survive phazon infusion)
age: seventy three cycles
gender: male
height: eight foot one
weight: 365 pounds (suitless), 473 pounds (suited)
known languages: space pirate (standard), space pirate (archaic), galactic standard (English)
appearance: looks like a perfect combination of several types of space pirate, joining the space pirate commando, those trained to "hunt the hunter" (prime 2), a simple space pirate trooper (prime 2), and a standard space pirate from just as they had discovered phazon (prime one standard pirate).
Faction/Organization: none, works for himself
alignment: neutral
personality: He is a cold and calculating individual, one who has no need for friends. He is a few allies, no friends, and many enemies type of person, but not overly rude, mean, or cruel.
strengths: has a natural super-resistance (varia suit level) to high heats, his body emits a high level heat field, which can be directed to ignite things for short periods, and his exo-skeleton is quite powerful, yet extremely flexible.
weaknesses: has no natural resistance to cold, using his bodies natural heat field to ignite objects (whether living, non-living, or moving) takes tremendous levels of energy and effort, and he has very few allies he can rely on in any situation.
likes: nothing
dislikes: space pirates (to a point)
equipment: his armor-suit and a broken energy scythe and aero-trooper pack (both are broken, only his suit works anymore).
character history: Born on a pirate homeworld that followed a similar pattern to the one Samus Aran visited during the phazon crisis, gaining acid rain some time into it's life due to massive levels of pollution, several cycles (in this case that planet's years, I don't know if cycles can be used for anything else (other than a planets personal year)) before the pollution escalated to the point where it caused acid rain to cover the planet's surface. Tekyon was trained like any other pirate, and rose through the ranks, but he never made it to the rank of general. This never bothered him of course, he had never had much in the way of emotions. However, when he was offered a phazon enhancement during the pirate occupation of Tallon IV, he jumped at the chance, knowing just how highly phazon could increase his powers. Unfortunately, and at the same time fortunately, due to waiting periods and the attack by the hunter, Tekyon needed to wait several cycles before his phazon infusion began. Many experiments were run on him, some to determine possible mutations, some to determine just how much phazon he could handle, and some to even find just what areas would be most effected by the phazon infusions. Finally, the infusion processes began, and they lasted for quite a while, as Tekyon could withstand massive levels of phazon as long as they were introduced in smaller portions, and the effects would take a good deal of time to finally show. It took nearly five whole cycles before the experimentation had been done and finished, but he finally had his "upgrade". He began emitting massive quantities of heat, which he could manipulate to powerful effects, and had a naturally high resistance to heat, though he began to be plagued by pain when in cold places. After a mandatory period of five cycles to determine whether or not he would survive from the phazon and his abilities, as well as determine whether he would go insane or not, he gained a special suit made to make the most of his powers. Unfortunately, Tekyon had seen many atrocities committed by the pirates by then, and he had had enough of it. As soon as he received his armor, and trained with it for a short time, he left, taking the custom ship made for him by the pirates. His parting gift to the pirates on his planet was a massive explosion, caused by the self destruct sequence that he had set to go off a few minutes after he had left the planet's atmosphere. From there things just went along, he began doing only what he needed to survive or REALLY piss off the pirates, including going to the planet on which they were conducting a VERY important mission and interrupting it, sending it spiraling out of control and taking the weapon of one of their top soldiers (Weavel).

suit type: modified space pirate armor custom made for Tekyon, makes the most of his mutation.
Main weapon: plasma torch, fires a continuous line of extremely super-heated plasma similar to the welding torch function of Ghor's plasma cannon (when used by Samus), but with a much higher range, strong enough to melt through certain types of rock and metals, but the melting is in a very small area, only the spots directly hit by the torch. (range: about the same as a charged plasma beam shot (prime 1 version)
sub-weapon: battle hammer, taken from Weavel on a raiding mission once, this weapon is now used alongside his trademark plasma torch, though it's ammunition limit is quite imposing on Tekyon (he only has twenty shots with it at max, and it can get eaten at very quickly).
shielding: basic cold shielding, natural heat shielding, and very basic gravity manipulation engines (removing the effects of water and adding a slight buoyancy to the jumps while under water), and phazon shielding (limits toxic and corrosive effects of phazon(think of it as a phazon dark suit upgrade))

ship: fires-of-hell
ship type: not a registered ship type, it's the only one of it's kind.
weapon systems: two powerful plasma cannons built into the front of the hull.
attachments: none
description: a ship surrounded by some form of ethereal flame, it is capable of moving through magma without harm to it or it's occupants, looks like a sword without a handle and a W like cross-guard (the middle part being the ship itself, the two arms of the W being the wings, it's also curved, not straight).
registered to the name of: not registered to any name, nor is it itself registered in any database.

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Tekyon, Renegade Space Pirate
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