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 Leon Cayman

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PostSubject: Leon Cayman   Leon Cayman Icon_minitimeSat Jun 11, 2016 11:40 am

Player ID: Crazyzealot


Character name: Leon Cayman
Race: Cyborg, formerly human
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Height: 6 feet
Weight: A bit light
Appearance:Cybernetic body, with his limbs segmented, connected through magnetism and allowing him to send them out in an attack. Has silver hair, and his left eye is cybernetic, often covered by a one-sided eye patch when not on duty. Physically, the only part of his body that remains from the old one is his head and spine.
Personality: Calm, cold.
Strengths: Magnetic control. Can segment his body using his control over magnetism. For example, sending his fist far away to punch someone only to pull it back. This ability also means he can simply dodge blade slashes by separating for a split second. He can lift things magnetically, using them as projectiles.
Weaknesses: Is very much killable in a fight. If his suit is damaged, EMPs will stun him. Though his body is made to be resistant to permanent effects of this.
Known Languages: English, Federation Universal Translator(Post-Aug)


Faction/Organization: Galactic Federation
Alignment: Neutral


Equipment: Vibrosword, smoke bombs(mixed with a gas that jams radar systems). Two submachine guns, firing armor piercing ammo with very little recoil due to his cybernetic enhancements.


Character History: He worked in the Federation as a Wraith when his entire body was destroyed during a mission when his team was taken out. Because of cybernetic implants he already had, he survived. Opting for an experimental procedure, he became a cyborg whose body was segmented into several pieces, with great control over magnetism. As with Talon Locke, he survived the shift over to the Ghost program.

Type: Military grade prosthetic body.
Weaponry: Throwing knife generators in the wrists, energy blade emitters in the wrists, legs, and fingertips.
Shielding: None, though made of a regenerative material.

-Battle suit-
Suit Name: GF-002 Exosuit
Suit Type: Exoskeleton
Weaponry: The same as the body, the suit made to compensate for his body being able to do these things with slots that open when needed.
Shielding: EMP-resistant shielding.
Other: Cloaking device.

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Leon Cayman
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