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PostSubject: Apocalypse   Apocalypse Icon_minitimeSat Jun 11, 2016 12:26 pm

Player ID: christen MX



Character name: Apocalypse
Race: Exact race unknown, takes genetic basis in human, metroid, X, phazon, Ing, and several other genetic sources, possesses DNA which have a total of 34 helices, as opposed to the humanly known 2. there are also several other chemicals aside from the three (to four, I can't remember exactly) types humans know in DNA.
Age: Estimated to be several thousand years old, attributed to his insane healing factor
Gender: ???
Height: 7'8
Weight: 10 tons
Appearance: The entity's body is most decidedly masculine, with a body that is somewhere between the ideal V shape and a straight shape. His build brings to mind the image of a well trained soldier, meant to be able to jump any hurdle, cross any barrier, and go through any wall, but also the idea of an athlete, or someone trained to go places a big person wouldn't be able to, with slimmer, longer muscles (probably best to imagine someone like captain America (like from the recent movies), but slimmer). Its hair has long since greyed beyond the point of recognition, despite still being there in full, with no thinning (the thickness of the individual strands, and fullness of the head as a whole suggest that they had dark hair, rather than fair). Now it is colored something between a metallic silver, and pure snowy white. Their facial structure is somewhat pointed, with minor rounding around the chin. The eyes of this person are a horrific blood red, with lizard like (in shape, that pointed oval like shape they've got) pupils, and shifting fiery sclera (meaning combinations of oranges, reds, yellows, and whites), the irises share a similar shape to the pupils, but have a more cat's eye feeling (being wider and rounder, though still pointed at the top and bottom). (Afterthought) The entity has both a beard and a mustache, identical in color to its hair. Its beard, despite being somewhat wild seeming, is obviously well groomed. Its mustache is simple, just covering the space on on its mouth between the upper lip and the nose, and is likewise, well groomed. The mustache and beard do not connect (The beard covers its chin and connects to its sideburns, avoiding going any farther in on its face. The mustache is definitely the more prominent feature, despite being equally as simple, and smaller in overall size. The facial hair gives it both the feeling of age, and also dignity (being dignified, and in this case, also distinguished, or whatever people say about a man having some gray/grey in his hair).
Personality: Primarily calm and collected, he tends to think over each situation first logically, and then emotionally, weighing the two against one another, with logic winning out most battles.
Strengths: super-humanly strong, fast, and durable. excels in ranged combat, and is no slouch in close combat. Is extremely old, and as such, experienced. Possesses a freakishly strong healing factor due to the presence of a symbiotic ooze which repairs damage, working alongside field repair nanites to mend broken flesh and create new flesh where it has been removed.
Weaknesses: despite his super-human physique, his age does take its toll on him, and both his mind and body are not completely stable.
Likes/Dislikes: ???
Known Languages: All Terran languages, in all forms that existed during and after Europe's Dark Ages, Metroid (chozo metroid variation, Terran metroids are counted alongside Terran languages), Galactic Standard, Modern Esperian (from the Legacy Era), Several forms of Space pirate, Chozo (along with all sub-languages, such as Elysian), Bryyonian, Alimbic, Kriken, Xik'kri'vik. despite understanding and knowing how to speak these languages, it actually speaks an entirely unique language that is all its own, it uses a translator housed in the collar section of its suit to speak to any other creature in the known universe (it is unknown how it speaks to creatures from beyond the known universe), which gives him a very distinct Sean Connery-esque accent, with Scottish/Irish and British/English undertones and a deep, distinguished (and very memorable) voice.



Faction/Organization: ???
Alignment: ???



Other: Has developed a liking for cigars, and always keeps at least 3 on its person at all times, going so far as to make them itself if it has fewer available and has even the bare minimum time to do so.
Theme Song: ???
Equipment: (see "Battle suit", Espera Nota, and Dead-Zone)
Special abilities:
-Short range teleportation: Apocalypse is capable of teleporting anywhere within a 90 foot radius, requires three seconds to recharge between each Jump
-Intangibility: Apocalypse is capable of becoming temporarily intangible (though no one knows the time limit), it must be manually activated, so someone fast enough could hit him before he can phase out. (Taken from phazon metroids)
-Spectrum shift: Apocalypse can become invisible in all but one section of the electromagnetic spectrum, switching between visible light, X-rays (X-ray visioning), and infrared light (heat visioning, I think. if not, infrared is wrong.), requiring special visualizing visor software to view him when in the latter two states. (Taken from Metroid Prime)
-Electrical command: Apocalypse can use controlled electromagnetic release to manipulate electricity in his surroundings, to the extent of being able to call down bolts of lightning at his position (only at his position though, unfortunately). (advanced from phazon metroid's electrical release ability, he just controls the electricity better)
-Enhanced vision: Apocalypse can see in all spectrums of light naturally and at once, making anything that is visible to even one spectrum visible to him.
Ability Techniques:
-Apocalypse shot: Apocalypse concentrates a large amount of phazon onto a spot just in front of his hand, causing it to form into plasma, and then merges the phazon plasma with a shot from his internalized "High Missile Launcher" and "Blast rifle", firing a needle thin orange plasma charge that explodes in a concentrated area with a ten foot radius, vaporizing/disintegrating everything within the blast zone, and dangerously heating up whatever is within a twenty foot radius around that.
-Seeker Missile: this is actually not the missile upgrade created by the Luminoth and shared with the Chozo, instead it is a freaky and deadly technique that involves one of his hand eyes when he's transformed by Ragnarok, it requires that his entire arm be engulfed. The eye picks out a target/targets, locking onto them, while his upper arm grows several mouths. From these mouths spew forth small white projectiles made of Ragnarok and phazon, which seek out the targeted entities, and then explode on impact.


Character History:
Espera Nota (during his time as Dead-Zone) encountered a great threat to his existence at one time. To overcome this threat, he and several close companions traveled back in time and space, arriving on the planet Earth (in the country of England) during the Dark Ages. Through their technological superiority, he and his compatriots managed to remain undefeated, and successfully remove the threat to their existence. However, as they were in the midst of returning, Espera was rejected by the temporal flux that would return them to their home time, leading to him becoming trapped in the middle ages on Earth, with no way to return to his proper time by any means other than allowing time to catch up with him (AKA, waiting it out). As he was waiting, Espera used his spare time to conquer England, taking control as both king and god, and leading his country down a path that would both match up with his own history, as well as fit in with his personal agenda. This did however, mean leaving the throne of his country eventually, allowing his only child (a daughter, and the first ruling Queen of England) to take the throne. His daughter ruled England both fairly, and with an iron grip, as she felt it necessary, and would bring herself back to youth whenever she approached an age that would be close to a normal human's death, replacing herself with a copy who would die soon after. I think that's enough about the daughter, don't you? basically, after that he just waited, mutating every now and then, with his armor following suit soon afterwards to match his physical state. (may add more later)

-Battle suit-
Suit Name: Harbinger
Suit Type: (See Espera Nota bio for info)
Weaponry: none, instead relying on massive strength and speed boosts for combat efficiency, though he can freely create simple weapons through the use of phazon and plasma
Shielding: Highly advanced phazon energy shielding, Highly advanced Bio-energy shielding, directional active defense shielding (projectors housed in palms, functions similarly to the kind used by Angel Wraith, but much more powerful and energy efficient), environmental shields (prevents damage from environmental hazards aside from harmful objects like spikes)
Description: The body of this armor, unlike its predecessors, is extremely slim and sleek, appearing almost identical to the modified version of his zero-suit he used for pants in his Dead-Zone period, but all the way up the body, covering every piece, as well as his lower head (all the way up to the nose). Beyond the nose area, is a helmet, almost as sleek as his suit, with just a bit more rigidity. The visor is colored a semi-translucent blood red, with the rest of the armor having a Ragnarok color-scheme.

-Alt Form-
Alt Form Name: Beginning of End
Description: Apocalypse's armor changes form, becoming surrounded by a giant cloud of nano-machines before compressing and taking on a form encased in cannons, kinetic launchers, plasma firing apparati (attempt at pluralizing apparatus), and so on. This form is basically a walking tank, and has unparallelled destructive power. It requires a certain set of very specific conditions to be met before use however, and is very rarely usable. Also possesses several other forms, those being his previous armors, with their abilities (only those of Dead-Zone's era and back are currently known, the rest will be written at a later date as I create them mentally.)
Abilities/Weapons: ???

-Alt Form-
Alt Form Name: True Cataclysm
Description: ???
Abilities/Weapons: ???

Septerius (sep-t-air-E-us): A scythe constructed from ultra-dense atoms (with atomic densities far above the normal radioactivity threshold) "suffering" from hyper-gravity, preventing the atomic nuclei from decaying and releasing energy in the forms of alpha, beta, and gamma rays. the atoms of this weapon also have one other severe oddity in their form/construction: there is little to no empty space between the electrons and the atomic nucleus (I'll finish it later, for now simple terms, it's really really dense, the molecular structure is extremely packed, this leads to an ultra hard, ultra strong substance that is nearly indestructible and holds an incredibly sharp edge, the blade is formed from two plates each ten atoms wide, that intersect in a V shape, and the shaft is in style of a farming scythe (meaning twice curved with a second small handle close to the blade for swing control) and is completely hollow, the walls being only twelve atoms thick. the hyperdensity of the atomic and molecular structure would theoretically make this weapon nigh-on indestructible despite it's thickness (the blade would be practically invisible it's so thin), and it would be able to cut through just about anything and likely never lose its edge. it's also extremely light for its size and strength (8 ft shaft, 4 foot long blade, ten inches tall at the shaft tapering to a one atom in height (not width, meaning from the front if you were staring at the point of the blade with it pointing at you each "metal" plate that forms the blade would be ten atoms wide/thick) at the tip) ((I think I finished it without intending to. I also may have over-explained it.))

-Heavy Transport and Combat Support Vessel-
Apocalypse Mothre10
Ship Name: Mother of Invention
Ship Type: Heavy Combat Frigate (theoretically)
Primary Weapon Systems: Heavy Ordinance plasma cannon, located on the far front of the ship (the thing that looks like a gun barrel), fires a high energy kinetically charged plasma sphere, punching through the target like the ancient orbital bombardment technology (Also known as kinetic bombardment, creates a massive seismic shockwave that destabilizes any material substance hit, be it ground or a building, causing it to fracture and break apart, this is copied (intentionally by Apocalypse) from Red-vs-Blue, so just watch season...9 I think, about halfway through you can see the cannon in action)
Secondary Weapon Systems: High power plasma and LASER artillery cannons located all over the hull, with EM-cannons sprinkled here and there for good measure (all are double barreled assault turrets, controlled either by the ship's on-board Artificial Intelligence or by one of the crew-mates)
Attachments: transport cannons (these fire small tube shaped round ended (cylinders with half-spheres on either end) vessels carrying one or two soldiers who break out upon landing, providing backup support for the soldiers on the ground, or acting as a weapon against flying vessels, piercing the upper hull and sending in soldiers to wipe out the crew from the inside)
Hangar-bays: capable of carrying up to 300 personal fighter sized ships (often classified as hunter-class gunships), and 90 space-air-ground drop-ships (Originally Pelicans, but those have been replaced with bio-mechanical ships capable of carrying larger loads, traveling faster, and moving more stealthily, with much more powerful armor, and proper weapon systems (comprised of heavy artillery cannons firing 200 caliber denzium/phazite alloy rounds (called Durralium), and phazon-load high yield air to air/air to ground missiles)
Registered to the name of: Error, vessel predates Galactic Federation registry, abort search (Apocalypse, duh)
AI Unit: Cid

-Personal Fighter-
Ship Name: The four horsemen
Ship Type: Harbinger of Doom, Death-god class vessel
Weapon Systems: ???
Attachments: ???
Registered to the Name of: Vessel Predates Registration systems, unregistered unit.

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