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 Bob Batshit

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PostSubject: Bob Batshit   Bob Batshit Icon_minitimeSat Jun 11, 2016 12:32 pm

player ID: christen MX
character name: Bob Batshit (yes, that is really his name)
race: Mutated human (not like the X-men, so don't even go there)
age: 18 Terran years
gender: male
height: 6'3
weight: 219 pounds
known languages: English, pyro (the language of completely insane pyromaniacs), gibberish
appearance: A thin young man, has no real "special" features aside from his long hair, and the fact that one eye is blue and brown, and the other is a fiery red-orange
Faction/Organization: none
alignment: chaotic
personality: pyro, completely insane (if his name wasn't a clue to that already), and he doesn't really have anything about him that's set because of being batshit bonkers.
strengths: has high level pyromancy (can manipulate fire very well), and is able to generate fire at will.
weaknesses: his body is VERY weak to low temperatures, he needs to be in an environment with a constant heat level around eighty degrees or he will be badly harmed. He also has some weakness to extreme temperatures, but not much of one.
likes: fire, burning things, fire, pyre (I'm fairly certain that IS a word), tropical heat levels, people who have fire, people who use fire, items involved in fire, and forests (oddly enough NOT because they burn. they bring him an odd inner peace that he doesn't feel elsewhere, and those who burn forests he will hunt down and torture brutally. he will also work towards putting forest fires out.)
dislikes: Ice, the cold, cold water, forest fires, forest burners.
equipment: Has a powered armorsuit made to make the most use of his connection with the special technology inside his body that gives him his pyromancy and related abilities, and technology inside his body that gives him said pyromancy and related abilities.
character history: Not many people truly know about the history of "Bob Batshit", originally Bob Reginald, but most of those that do were personally involved in the "incident". Originally, Bob Reginald was a regular human being, simple and honest with his feelings. Of course, he didn't know how to be anything else at the time, he was a baby when he was taken for experimentation. On the planet he was born it was tradition to take the weakest children and make them strong through scientific experiments; those that lacked, or would lack, physical strength and abilities were given seemingly supernatural abilities through controlled mutations and cybernetic implants in their living tissue, though in most cases this lead to death. Only about ten percent of the children taken survived, and all of those that did were scarred for life, both physically and mentally. Bob was one of the more serious cases in the latter aspect, completely losing his sanity and trying to kill pretty much anything in sight. The only things he didn't try to horribly burn were forests, which somehow brought about a strange peace in him. Bob grew up learning very little in a sane way, barely learning how to speak in English, most things he says, even now, are gibberish, and he can't help that. His armor-suit was made according to what was thought his body would be like when he was full grown, so it is a fair amount thicker than he is; they hadn't counted on him barely eating, thereby giving him a very thin body.

suit type: unnamed ability enhancement armor-suit
weaponry: focusers for his abilities, making them more deadly and focused than before.
shielding: cold shielding and basic shielding.

Alt-form: fire demon
Weapon systems: flame lance (creates a lance of flame that can burn large holes in most objects and melt stone and metal.)
Description: his body becomes engulfed in white hot flames, these protect him from cold as well, and he is able to manipulate said flames and burn things with much more potency than normal.

ship: fire wyrm
ship type: custom ship, no others recorded as being in existence
weapon systems: none
attachments: none
registered to the name of: Bob Reginald

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Bob Batshit
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