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 Rackus, unit 42963

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PostSubject: Rackus, unit 42963   Rackus, unit 42963 Icon_minitimeMon Jun 13, 2016 8:17 am

Player ID:Psychoscissor



Character name: (Sgt.) Rackus/Unit 42963/Mad 42 (By his superiors)

Race: Space Pirate

Age: 56 (human age equivalent being 25 years of age)

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 11" (without suit), 6' 3" (with suit)

Weight: 282 Lbs (without suit), 662 Lbs. (with suit)

Appearance: Without his suit, he looks like a standard pirate commando (Metroid Prime 2 version), albeit with three scars on the left side of his face near his eye. With his suit on however, he looks like a juggernaut. Thick legs, arms, spikes on the shoulders, all of which are insect-like in appearance. The left arm of his suit is more bulky than the rest of its body, and is also more reinforced than the rest of the suit. It, unlike the rest of the suit, is made of reinforced bendezium, creating a stronger, more durable defense, as the left arm of the suit not only acts as a multipurpose tool (loading/unloading heavy cargo, destroying weaker enemy defenses, etc.), but it also acts as a grenade launcher, therefore the reinforcement of bendezium prevents the explosive ammo within from rapturing and injuring the commando. It also sports a Humility Class Drone atop the left shoulder. The rest of the armor is made of talloric alloy. (Basing it off of this image, the difference being that he uses a MP2 commando arm cannon for the right arm, and has a massive, three-pronged claw for the left: Rackus, unit 42963 Spacep11)

Personality: Rackus considers himself to be two things. Firstly, he sees himself "an honorable warrior". Unlike most of his subordinates/peers, he is most likely to be a fair fighter against the enemy. However, that does not mean that he is any less savage than any other pirate. It just means that he's more likely to show mercy (provided if he deems his adversary worthy enough to deserve it, as does the situation), and not shoot down a frightened child wielding a wrench. Despite this, he was never one for boasting. "If you have time to boast, then you're wasting time that could be better spent."

Secondly, he fancies himself a bit of an intellectual. This is partly due to him working as an agent in the space pirate CCI (central counter intelligence), and learning more about the humans. That, and he was always of the mind that the best way to defeat your enemy is to understand them. As such, he delved deeper into human history (deeper than what his superiors had deemed necessary), and learned quite a bit. This is how he learned English, incidentally. While he can speak English, he prefers to use his hacked translator system to talk for him, mostly because his mouth has trouble with some of the inflections and limits his ability to pronounce certain words properly.

The most interesting thing about him is his view on humans. While he is certainly not the type of individual that sees them as "heroes" that he must befriend, in order to rebel against the tyrannical desires of his leaders, Rackus has a more...diplomatic view of them. Granted, they are the enemy, and he will not hesitate to shoot an armed human soldier, however, he also feels that humans would be better suited as indentured servants if they could be persuaded. Perhaps even allies (due to various points in human history that have been exceptionally bloody) that the Space Pirates could learn from.

- Without his suit, he is a very capable, agile warrior. Fast and efficient, especially with his built in thrusters that allow him to move faster.
- With his suit, he is essentially a juggernaut. The left arm in particular is strong enough to punch through two-foot thick walls of concrete. At the same time, he can "de-summon" his suit on the fly with a few button presses on his arm cannon.
- He is adept at acquiring information, as that is his designated profession.
- Rackus can exit and activate his suit with a few clicks of a button, allowing him to change the flow of the battle on the fly (once de-summoned, his suit takes four posts to recharge before he can summon it again)

- Without his armor, he may be fast, but he is significantly lacking the strength and firepower of his suit.
- With his armor, it's the exact opposite. Brute force, but little to no speed.
- Additionally, while his armor is quite durable, the most durable part of it is the left arm, while the rest is made with an inferior metal, one that is weak against high powered weapons like plasma weapons and high powered rounds.
- While it is of note that he has a sense of honor, and is less likely to kill a "non-threat", this leaves the possibility of him making a miscalculation and underestimating a situation/threat.
- He does have a varied arsenal (energy shield, energy blade, thrusters, etc.), the weapons he has outside of his suit (with the exception of his arm cannon) were not designed to meld with the suit itself, making his suit more or less a moveable shield. Additionally, some of the functions he has in his suit (shoulder turret, charge shots, grenades) can't be used outside of it.
- His suit, while quite durable, has no shield capacity whatsoever.

- A good fight (lots of blood, lasts hours, both sides fighting at their best)
- The Art of War, by Sun Tzu
- Japanese culture (specifically about the Feudal Era. Fascinated by the samurai), German culture (especially World War 2 era Germany), as well as American Culture (war for independence)

- Deception/trickery, lying (note: while he prefers not to use these sorts of tactics, he is not above using them. They're more of a last resort to him)
- A "bad" fight (unmatched opponents/odds)

Known Languages: Space Pirate, Human (English)


Faction/Organization: Space Pirates
Alignment: Neutral



Other:  Rosetta Stone Verbal Translator- English Edition (illegally downloaded and hacked). It has helped him with his information gathering in terms of the Federation.

Equipment/Combat Systems: A) Hazard shield- high frequency energy based shield designed to deflect light arms fire, as well as low-energy concussive shots. B) Commando Plasma Cannon- Super heated, high powered energy weapon, modified for charge shots (charge shots available only in Holo-Suit). C) Shock Buster Grenade (Holo-Suit only)- Shock-wave based explosive. Not meant to be thrown, but instead made to add more power to the strength of the suit's dense melee arm. D) Humility Class Drone- repurposed gun turret, modified with talloric alloy plating (Holo-suit only). E) High Frequency Energy Blade- A wrist mounted weapon that he uses as a backup when all else fails. F) Flickerbat Thrust System- a modified jet pack that allows him to move around the battlefield in short, quick bursts (not available when he dons his Holo Suit), G)Vigilance Eye- A cybernetic implant that allows him to scan terminals, and essentially unlock security systems up to level four.


Character History: Not much can be said about Unit 42963's past. He was always a soldier, trained from birth like all Space Pirates. "War" was the word of the day, everyday, end of story. The only thoughts in his head were about what the next mission would be, and who was going to die. Twenty long years of fighting hardened him like a tempered sword. An effective and merciless soldier, he was quickly selected for commando training, which effectively made him more dangerous. This training lasted roughly two years, whereupon he sought training for intelligence gathering immediately after. While it was an important field to his people, very few willingly signed up for it, mostly because it meant less fighting on the front lines. Rackus signed up because he saw the true potential the profession had; what better way to defeat your enemy, than to know every detail about them, and essentially exploit their weaknesses?

Five years of training, and another three in the field to hone his new craft, Rackus had successfully foiled two ambush plots, as well as assisted in the orchestration of three raids of Federation bases. This lead to his superiors giving him the task of delving deeper into Federation information gathering. This task proved to be possibly the greatest challenge he experienced, as it took him six months to crack into the Federation network undetected, and another two months to find the high profile personnel files. Sifting through them, Rackus' search had been derailed by one file belonging to an Admiral Hertzog. Specifically, Rackus had stumbled upon one of the Admiral's e-books, a digital copy of "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu. Believing it to be an important military document, Rackus took it upon himself to read into it.

For whatever reason, the book compelled Rackus to go beyond simple Federation information, and head straight for any information regarding the Human home world, Earth. He immediately became engrossed, specifically in the subject of ancient wars. The pirate learned much. From Feudal Japan, to Napoleon, and to the War for Independence, Rackus could not stop learning about Earth and human customs. However, he made a great effort in keeping this secret from his superiors. However, his curiosity got the better of him when he acquired a copy of "The Rosetta Stone, English Edition", and modified it to work with the Pirate Language. Rumors began to surface that he was learning to speak like the Humans did, albeit not very well. Pirate mandibles weren't quite able to replicate some of the verbal inflections and ticks of the English language. These rumors were put to rest when he was inspected by one of his superiors, and Rackus successfully persuaded them into thinking that it was all part of making his information gathering easier. While they believed that, the suspicions didn't end there.

As the years went by, the information that he gave his superiors became smaller and smaller, eventually to the point that it was not useful information. By the time Rackus had turned 54, the Space Pirate's mind had changed from a vicious soldier's to a more diplomatic one. Additionally his superiors were starting to have enough of his insubordinate behavior. The day they kicked his doors down, they found that he now owned several human books (The Art of War, Mein Kampf, Diplomacy by Henry Kissinger to name a few), and as far as his "searches" went, they found links to several documentary type videos on "youtube".

They incarcerated him for a year, and began to decide what would be best to deal with him. On the one hand, to see one of their soldiers showing an affinity for Human culture, as well as a clear desire to learn more for personal gain as opposed the benefit of their whole race was clearly an act of high treason. On the other hand, he was one of their best operatives, especially when it came to information gathering, and while it pained them to admit it, his understanding of human culture and it's language could help his information skills greatly.

After a thorough interrogation, they determined that while he was still a capable soldier, his mind may not be entirely sound anymore. "Perhaps he accidentally stumbled upon some subliminal messages and was not aware of it?" one of the superiors had suggested, "That could explain his sudden interest in Human Culture."

Upon releasing him, they gave him two options. The first being that if he insisted on continuing his "hobby", then he would need to be made a freelance agent, one that travelled alone, and would go where they told him to. However, if he wanted to stay, he would be put under heavy surveillance.

Much to their annoyance, Rackus accepted the first option, but on one condition. The condition being that he wanted a specialized suit of his own, much like the infamous Hunter, Samus Aran. As it so happened, R & D had a suit that they were working on, one that could be summoned almost digitally with a small device. However, it was still in the development phase and had yet to be tested. With much insistence that he would be willing to test the suit, they eventually agreed (though not entirely willing) to give him the suit, installing it's main mechanism into Rackus' arm canon.

He was given his own ship (a repurposed transport ship), and sent on his way.

Travelling for over a year now, Rackus seeks to not only bring glory to his race, but he now has an even greater desire to learn about the Humans...but how will the knowledge he seeks shape him? Only time will tell.

-Battle suit-
Suit Name: Argonaut Blitz (Prototype Holo-Suit)
Suit Type: Heavy combat, prototype
Weaponry: Shock-Buster Grenades [creates concussive blast with a radius of eight feet. Designed to knock back ground troops and destroy weakened defenses](once one is used, he cannot use another for seven posts),
Shielding: No shielding. Suit relies mainly on its armor.

-Alt Form-

His suit is a prototype, and was not given an alt form. It can however be summoned and de-summoned with a few clicks of a button.

Ship Name: It does not have a name.
Ship Type: Modified Space Pirate transport vessel. Intended for long distance space travel, and can be controlled remotely.
Weapon Systems: Heavy missile launcher system, heavy gun turrets.
Attachments: Warp system module (for long distance travel/escape)
Registered to the Name of: Pirate Unit 42963

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Rackus, unit 42963
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