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 Ralia Tanium

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PostSubject: Ralia Tanium   Ralia Tanium Icon_minitimeTue Jun 14, 2016 2:06 pm

Player ID: Christen MX
Character name: Ralia Tanium (Written in wingdings one. I tried to get that in here, it didn't work.)
Race: Unknown Humanoid Extra-Terrestrial Race (Sharing 43% of genetic coding structure with human and most sub-human races)
Age: 43 Years (Cycles of revolution around a star, forty three years on their planet isn't the same as forty-three years on Earth)
Gender: Feminine Agender (Has apparent breasts and a pronounced hip line and taken in waistline (by comparison), but has no apparent nipples or genitalia (that humans understand or recognize)
Height: ~2.21 meters (87 inches)
Weight: 107.6 Kg (~237.258 pounds)
Known languages: Galactic Standard, Ga-reaic, Galotian, Gaelic, Scots-Gaelic, Wingdings(Yes, Wingdings. You read that right both times)
Appearance: A figure undeniably feminine in nature (by human understanding), "she" has wide hips, a tight waist, and a pronounced bust-line (at a rather large DD cup), in addition to this, "her" face has a traditionally feminine structure, her nose is small and cute, she has large almond shaped eyes that seem to draw people (of many races) in, almost hypnotically, she also keeps her hair cut long (at a nearly ridiculous 84 inches of length, how she fits that into a suit of armor astounds and confuses so many people). Her entire body is extremely well shaped, her skin has no noticeable blemishes anywhere, outside of a single beauty mark just below her right eye (by half an inch) on the far right side. Her irises are an iridescent multicolored hue, just like her hair, and have a black colored vertical slit pupil (similar to a cat or reptile) that seems to act like a black hole (at least in appearance). She has four-inch long triangular elven ears sticking almost straight out of her head on either side, pointing to the sides (pointing straight out to the sides, with very little bend back to the back of the head), her ears have special muscles in them that allow conscious control of their movement, which is much more complex than most Terran creatures can manage, they also will move around, drooping or perking up dramatically with her emotions and expressions, often emphasizing her feelings. She has rather slender shoulders. Her fingers are feminine in shape, being longer and more slender than the masculine equivalent. Her legs are long and slender, with a very good shape to them, and her feet are petite and adorable. Her overall appearance seems to be a combination between "Cute and adorable", "Motherly and beautiful", and "Strong and sexy", though the foremost seems most pronounced.
Faction/Organization: Freelance Space Hunter (frequently hired by the GF)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Personality: Reclusive and introverted, but completely open about "her" body, and absolutely uninhibited (the little voice that tells you "this ain't a good idea" is still there, "she" just ignores it whenever it suits her), even worse than when a normal person is sloshed and torched at the same time.
Strengths: In spite of "her" utter lack of inhibitions (or rather, utter disregard for them) "she" has an extremely tactical mind able to plan around any situation in an instant. Her body is well trained, and she has extensive knowledge of many races among the stars, most importantly their physiologies, giving her great insight into where to strike to do the most damage. She is highly trained in hand to hand combat, heavy weapons combat, long range combat, and mid-range fighting with low to medium power weapons. She is great at picking up vast amounts of information in extremely short periods of time, especially combat tactics and information that would go into a personal bio. Has an inexplicable immunity to X-parasites.
Weaknesses: Lacks training in many areas (mostly those not revolving around combat), and "her" introverted personality makes her extremely awkward around those who she doesn't know extensively on the personal level. Her utter disregard for her inhibitions leads to trouble on many occasions, including those involving interpersonal relations. Has a habit of stopping in one place whenever not in a combat situation to think and compile data, which can be rather dangerous if enemies are still about and "she" just doesn't realize it.
Likes: Has a definite appreciation for frilly clothing. Meaty flavors. Bitter flavors. Earth potatoes ("she" acquired a taste for them after "her" first visit). Liquor. Lots of Liquor/Booze.
Dislikes: Sweet flavors. Milks. Many acidic solutions (that aren't being used in "her" current glass of booze). Being around groups of people. People she doesn't know well on a personal level in general.
Other: Her ears seem to be rather intense erogenous zones, though how this compares and translates to human sensation is unknown due to the different sexual nature of her race (to the point of complete apparent lack of sexual equipment). Her keratin parts (hair, nails, etc) are much stronger than the human counterpart, and don't actually seem to be made of keratin. This has in part led to the length of her hair and nails (though the latter is comparatively shorter, being only an inch long on her fingers, and half an inch on her toes, all are extremely well cared for and pretty because of it, as well as vaguely shaped like claws, having a barely noticeable, but definite, curvature and point to them. Even this feature has an element of cuteness to it strangely).
Character History: An intergalactic explorer who ended up temporarily stranded in Galactic Federation territory, "she" took on jobs as a Space Hunter in order to procure living expenses and prevent "her" arrest as an invader. She had to acquire a Galactic Citizenship in order to gain living space and not be locked away and studied to learn her race's weak points.

Suit type: Prototype Power Armor (Similar to Chozo tech, but source born in a different galaxy with no connection to them, incompatible with Chozo tech)
Suit name: TX1K-000.1337αZΔ-β36 (Hyperia)
Ralia Tanium Ralia_10
(once again, not mine. Just taken from a google image search, I think it's awesome, that's why I used it. that and there wasn't something better)
-----Hyperion Cannon (AlphaD6 class plasma/antimatter/energy cannon)
---Beam type Projectiles
- Normal Beam (Fires out a low class plasma projectile, weak among beam weapons, but has a high rate of fire. Equivalable to the Chozo "Power Beam". Has Fully Automatic Firing)
-Concussion Beam (Fires high speed projectiles made of extremely low-energy pseudo-plasma charged with high levels of kinetic energy released in the form of sound-waves. Projectiles move in a compression wave pattern, travel at mach-3, are 121% the power of the Normal Beam, and have 81% of the Normal Beam's fire rate)
- A-Zero Beam (Fires a concentrated sphere of negenergy charged hyper-metaparticles, effectively launching a sphere of pure absolute zero temperature. Strong enough to near instantly perma-freeze almost anything, and creates a thick shell of frozen atmospheric gases around whatever it hits. Fires at 1/3 the rate of the Normal Beam, projectiles move at approximately 72 meters per second)
- Grandeon Beam (A plasma based projectile that is composed of High energy compressed dark-antimatter (anti dark-matter, that stuff out in space), reaches temperatures exceeding those of a super nova by several hundred times, passes from the suit quickly enough to not induce damage to the firer)
- Necrosis Beam (a pseudo energy projectile that induces rapid decay of organic and semi-organic substances)
- Positron Beam (What it sounds like, a beam projectile weapon composed of positrons (anti-electrons) compressed to incredibly high densities)
-"Murder Beam" (An oddity among weapons, creates a pillar shaped spacio-temporal distortion that rips apart just about anything with ruthless efficiency outside of the suit and its wearer)
-"Space-Time Beam" (Tears apart the fabric of space and time, effectively resetting the local temporal coordinates of the firer, replacing their past self. Unknown just how far back it can send someone. Repeated uses increase the strain on the fabric of reality, warping the traditionally accepted norm or even completely breaking how things work. Has a "Universal Reset" for when the warping gets too out of hand, setting the user back to before the problems started, removing the effects of use. Functions off the same principles that power the "Murder Beam")
-"Chainsaw Beam" (Fires out a continuous short range line of what appears to be destructive energies that can cut/break through just about anything. Also functions off the same principles as the Murder and Space-Time Beams, however, is extremely focused, and has no more chance to damage reality than "normal" things. Works from a combination of the cannon and the bayonet.)
---Explosive/Warhead type Projectiles
- "Rockets" (Fires out a explosive tipped rocket propelled device, contains minimal homing technology. Five times stronger than the "Normal Beam", equivalent to the Chozo and Federation "Missiles")
- Megarockets (Powerful alternative to the regular variety, ten times as strong, but harder to use due to the increase in fuel needed for propulsion, similar to the "Super Diffusion Missile" constructed piece by piece by the federation)
- "Cluster" (Fires out a rocket propelled carrier for mini-rockets which launch out and detonate over a wide area. Nearly 40 are present, each four times stronger than an individual "Rocket". Has its own ammo counter, and dedicated microfactories)
- Black-hole Missile (does what it says, fires a rocket propelled projectile that detonates a safe distance from the firer and implodes into a high density gravity well/naked singularity that self-destructs in a massive explosion after thirteen seconds of "eating" everything in range)
- Anti-matter Rockets (...Well, yeah. Rocket propelled explosive projectiles constructed of anti-matter contained in a negenergy shield to prevent premature detonation. Five times as powerful as a Megarocket, has its own dedicated microfactories and ammo-counter on the HUD)
-EMR (A Rocket propelled device that releases a powerful EMP upon impact. Pretty simple sadly, not much else to write.)
-Plasma Bolts (Explosives shot at high speeds from the Hyperion Cannon made entirely of solid state plasma, highly volatile and explosive. Something akin to a beam combo, in that it uses the normal beam as a focus and several normal rockets to fire. About as strong as a Megarocket, but has vastly different effects, and a reduced cost to fire)
----Hyperion-Cannon Bayonet
- Normal Mode (Unmodified, the normal state of the bayonet, a piece of solid metal with an edge that's hardened to reduce loss of sharpness)
- Lengthen Mode (The bayonet has the ability to lengthen itself up to 13 times its standard length. All other modes can be used in tandem with this outside of Chainsaw Beam Mode)
- Plasma Mode (Surrounds the bayonet in hot plasma, greatly increases its cutting potential, greatly decreases edge reduction, and will usually set things on fire if it strikes them and they aren't specially treated.)
- Plasma Saw Mode (Similar to Plasma Mode, however, only the edge is surrounded, and the plasma is run along the edge at extremely high speeds while being compressed into a thicker plasma state, causing it to act like a saw.)
-Claws (Attached to the Hyperion Cannon and Bayonet are claws. They are functional and fashionable.)
-Impalearific mode (Launches the bayonet out while attached to a cable to pull it back, if/when it impales something, it will reel back in, bringing the enemy in close for melee combat or a close range shot to the face)
-Chainsaw Beam Mode (The other half of the Chainsaw Beam. Whenever it's in use, the bayonet is the main focus for positioning, though some of it extends from the barrel as well. When active, no other modes can be activated, outside of claw, since that's not actually a mode.)
----Beam Sword (Using the cannon barrel, bayonet, and overtop spike cover thing as a sort of triangulation method, a beam is fired and concentrated into a sword like blade reaching to the ground or out to five feet in length. The Murder and Space-Time Beams are not compatible with this function)
-----External Weapons
-- Plasma Pistol (Capable of regular, charge shot, and sword modes, fires a small plasma projectile, not unlike the Normal Beam, mostly use outside of exo-suit)
- Charge Mode (auto-charges for several seconds before releasing a shot many times larger and stronger than regular fire mode)
- Sword Mode (Functions like the Hyperion-Cannon Beam-Sword, only without the triangulation effect. Focuses the shot into a compressed area and constantly refuels it, allowing for high speed melee combat when needed)
-- Grenades (...Grenades, what more do I need to say here?Oh, right. The suit has special microfactories that build them on demand that can continuously run off the suit's power core safely.)
- Fragmentation (A space age frag grenade. Nothing special.)
- Plasma (Explodes strongly enough with enough energy to create a plasma field at the ever expanding edge of the explosion. Powerful, but ends quickly)
- Well (Creates a short lived gravity well that drags in whatever is in range (about 50 meters) then launches them away powerfully when the well dies)
- Cluster Bomb (A powerful sphere shaped handheld explosive that is actually a shell containing many many smaller spherical explosives (which are the same as the largest one), when the smallest set (the third counting the hand held one) explodes, each of the five hundred explosives (each about the size of a BB or small marble) is about one fifth the strength of a normal Rocket, they will usually scatter over a very wide area if able, ensuring a wide range of destruction, even if it is rather lacking in damage on the individual level)
- Remote Mine (Not actually a grenade, but is constructed by the same microfactories.Each is about three times as strong as a Rocket, detonated on command)
- Proximity Mine (Same situation as above, only the detonation mode is different. Activates when something other than the suit that set it gets within a meter)
- Seeker (Locks on to target entity, then seeks that entity out and explodes when it touches them/it. About the same strength as a Rocket)
- Charge (An explosive that builds up energy as it's active, eventually reaching "Critical Mass" and exploding violently, with about as much force as an Anti-matter Rocket. It takes nearly ten minutes to build up a full charge, but can be prematurely detonated remotely. Best used as a trap or to blow open a door that isn't needed open just yet.)
- Vaporization 'nade (Very similar in effect to the power-bomb from M:OM. Covers about the same area, does about what it's said to (not what it does), but it's tossed/thrown, not set in an Alt. Form)
-- Plasma Power Scythe (Equipped to the left arm, produced from the wrist and forearm, extends from the outer bone, and goes out three feet, with a slight curve to the blade, similar to a space pirate scythe from MP1)
- Combat Visor (Identical to the standard combat visor used throughout the galaxy/universe in function, if not form (like all the other versions), provides a basic HUD with shield unit data, ammunition counters, a danger meter, basic information about available weapons and alternate visor settings, a radar+motion detector with a 50 meter range of effect, and a mini-map that shows incredible detail about the rooms (even more than usual for the maps). The all-arounder)
- Hacking Visor (A piece of visor software that can wirelessly hack into just about any computerized device, no matter how complex or heavily guarded, in only a matter of seconds, usually placing a powerful virus/code-bug that causes temporary to irreparable damage to core systems. Can also be used to take control of the device remotely instead.)
- Thermal visioning visor
- Infrared Visor (...yeah, it makes infrared light visible and cuts out color)
- X-ray Visor (Actual one, not like the ones in the games. Makes the already present X-rays visible.)
- Zoom Visor (A basic upgrade to the combat visor, provides a 500x optical/digital zoom. useful in a variety of ways.)
- Command Visor (Acquired from the Galactic Federation. Provided entirely willingly on their part)
----Specialized Equipment
--Tail (A prehensile, extremely flexible, extra limb that is a part of the suit. Capable of extending to fifty times its normal length, has a retractable claw on the end for grabbing things at a distance, has an omni-jack that can be "plugged" in to practically any port for any purpose (also has the same "Software" that runs the "Hacking Visor", so can hack any device it is plugged into), has what amounts to a 10,000,000,000 volt TASER in the end of the tail, and last but not least, it has a plasma welding torch built in, and a pseudo optical array to allow the suit's wearer to see from its perspective to allow for better use.
Shielding: ΩZ class omnidirectional energy shielding, 99.99999% protection rating (Compared to the varia/barrier suit/feature, which has a 50% protection rating in most games, check the wikia for more info on that), ζ-class Hyperion power-core supplies energy to Θ-class Reaper shield generator, producing 499 "units" of shield energy. Climate shielding (AKA "Environment Shielding", protects from environmental hazards, such as temperature spikes and drops, low to mid level acids, and simple hazards like spikes and the like 95-99% of the time (in the lattermost case, in the former cases 100%). Advanced Heat Shielding (Protects from extreme temperatures that far exceed normal limits, like those of deep space (cold), or molten planetary cores and magma/lava (hot).)

Alt.Form: Mock/Mach Ball
Abilities/Description: Similar to the Chozo Morph-Ball/Maru-Mari, however, it functions by translocating the wearer of the armor bearing this upgrade into a fourth-dimensional spacial distortion in their full body form, rather than transforming the armor wearer into energy surrounded by armored plating. The Mock-Ball is capable of moving freely through 3-dimensional space as long as no barrier blocks its passage (I.E, it can "fly" freely at will). The Mock-Ball is covered in the armor plating of the user's suit in many layers surrounding the fourth-dimensional spacial-distortion, these layers revolve around the core in all directions at high speeds (nearly mach-5), even passing through one another as though they weren't there, and act remarkably like blades, slicing the objects around the pseudo-sphere into pieces with incredible "vigor".
Weapon systems: Similarly to the "Morph-ball", the Mock-Ball is a modular piece of equipment (though to a significantly greater degree), and can not only be upgraded, but its form edited at the user's will, changing the positioning of the armor pieces in minute fractions of a second to assume new configurations for whatever purpose the user may need them. It also has built in (but inactive) plasma weapons systems in place. These systems, while inactive, have the potential to be both highly powerful, and highly modular (just as the Mock-Ball itself).

Ship: The Zeus' Wrath
Ship type: Type X Hunter-Class Gunship (Constructed in the ship-yards of Aliehs III)
Weapon Systems: Plasma cannons mounted to the bottom front of the hull, missile batteries scattered across the hull at random seeming intervals
Attachments: None
Registered to the name of: Ralia Tanium

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Ralia Tanium
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