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 Fallen Angel: Rebel Pirate Sterrance

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Fallen Angel: Rebel Pirate Sterrance Empty
PostSubject: Fallen Angel: Rebel Pirate Sterrance   Fallen Angel: Rebel Pirate Sterrance Icon_minitimeMon May 04, 2009 2:18 pm

Player ID: Pup64

Character name: Sterrance

Race: Space Pirate

Age: 3

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 9.4"

Weight: 40 lbs (somehow I imagine SPs to be really light, being able to jump high and hold themselves up. And plus, they're lobsters.)

Appearance: Grey, with bio luminescent blue streaks.

Known Languages: Space Pirate (primary), English

Faction/Organization: None

Alignment: Neutral: Against Pirates and considers Federation a joke. Wishes to neither hurt nor help fed.

Personality: To the point, practical, doesn't want to do anything not required. Et Cetera.

Strengths: Independent and knowledgeable.

Weaknesses: Nobody on his side

Likes/Dislikes: Considers self to be a rival of Roger Shasta and the people he's generally with, like Thoth, Cliodna, Akiba and Samus. Considers them to be the only useful ones of the Federation.


Equipment: Mechanical grappling hook, Mechanical MM Cannon, both operated with springs.

Character History: "The space pirates used to be honorable. They used to be great. But I no longer wish to be associated. Ever since we took control of the Mother Brain, and failed, then harnessed the Metroids... and failed. With that, I am no longer part f them. I stand for nobody other than myself. The space pirates must be destroyed. As far as anybody else is concerned this never happened."


Suit Name: None

Suit Type: Built for mobility, rotary generator powered (Cranks in joints)

Weaponry: See equipment

Shielding: Stainless steel, somewhat dull.

Ship Name: None

Ship Type: Hybridization of multiple ships

Weapon Systems: Electromagnetic debris cannon

Attachments: Various stolen attachments

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Fallen Angel: Rebel Pirate Sterrance
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