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 The Forgotten Realm

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The Forgotten Realm Empty
PostSubject: The Forgotten Realm   The Forgotten Realm Icon_minitimeThu Jun 23, 2016 10:34 am

Planet Name: The Forgotten Relam
Planet's Moons: 0
Atmosphere: Breathable for short periods of time, with an exception for Dark and Phazon Creatures. It's Atmosphere is extremely thick.
Hours per day: 0 (There is no difference between day and night.)
Days per year: 456
Climate: Dark? (It's kinda like Dark Aether)
Dominant Enviroments: Dark Deserts, Dark Swamps, Dark Forests, Dark Oceans, Mountains.
Gravity: Standard
Technological Development: None
Government: None
Economy: None
Significant Feature: Despite being very dangerous, it has high amounts of many ores, including Phazon and it's burned out Form Dark Ore.
Cultural Quirks: None
Inhabitants: Various Dark and Phazon creatures, the main inhabitants are zombie like creatures that resemble both people and wolves, even though they are related to niether. There are two variations of them, Dark and Phazon.They tend to stay away from new vistors to the planet, making seem they are not there, but after a while they surround and attack any non-Dark or Non-Phazon creatures.
Extra Details: The planet's name comes from accident explorers who thought it was another dimension, and didn't know it was a planet. The forgotten part comes from the zombie like creature's that they believed were those who were passed and forgotten.
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The Forgotten Realm
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