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 So... Here I am again. This time with Ace Attorney.

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PostSubject: So... Here I am again. This time with Ace Attorney.   Thu Jun 23, 2016 11:40 am

So I know that I did something like this a few years ago but....

I just started an Ace Attorney Roleplay site, (since there is kinda a lack of them) and I wanted to know if anyone wanted to be a Moderator and/or Admin, or just want to roleplay as a normal member. How don't know how you guys are with other RP sites but I've juggled about five or six at once before, so I'm not really expecting many of you (not that there is a lot of us to begin with,) to want any links. I don't even know if you guys like Ace Attorney.

I'll PM links to those who are intrested.
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So... Here I am again. This time with Ace Attorney.
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