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 Lost in the Forgotten Realm (Sometime during the Prime Trilogy)

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PostSubject: Lost in the Forgotten Realm (Sometime during the Prime Trilogy)   Fri Jul 01, 2016 1:17 pm

After a tough battle between Space Pirates and the Federation, some of the survivors of the battle crash onto a planet, Known as the Forgotten Realm. Whether they are Space Pirate, apart of the Federation, or something else. They must figure out how to work together to escape from the creatures that are lurking on the deadly planet.

A few notes:

Just putting it out their, NO WORKING SHIPS, as in one's that can leave the planet. Damaged ships that can fly around the planet are fine, but having a working ship throws the point of this RP out the window.

There is no specific time right now of when this takes place, all I know is that I want it during the Prime Trilogy, which game it takes place before/after/during I don't know yet.

Please make sure you have read the form on the forgotten realm before joining this, yeah that is kinda a No-Brainer, but I'm just stating it since I'm already putting down a list of notes.
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Lost in the Forgotten Realm (Sometime during the Prime Trilogy)
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