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 The Hunters Guild (Or "Hunter's Guild", alternatively)

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The Hunters Guild (Or "Hunter's Guild", alternatively) Empty
PostSubject: The Hunters Guild (Or "Hunter's Guild", alternatively)   The Hunters Guild (Or "Hunter's Guild", alternatively) Icon_minitimeWed Mar 01, 2017 7:02 am

A paramilitary group within the Esperian Empire that hires individuals or groups to target and eliminate High Priority Individuals (HPI) which are enemies of the Empire. Hunters are free to pick and choose their targets as well as abandon requests too difficult. Members of the Hunters Guild also take on other forms of request, typically bounty missions granted by other organizations or high ranking members of the Empire. They are basically Bounty Hunters that work specifically for the Empire. Hunters are ranked on a scale, the ranks are F, E, D, C, B, A, S, SA, SS, SSS, and X, with F being the lowest, and X being the highest. Typically you will only see members of the Guild up to A rank, with a few special individuals possessing the fabled S ranking; anything above S is almost legendary, and only considered speculation and "fan-theory" by anyone who isn't a higher up of the guild or a VERY high ranking member of the military (or even higher ranking in the general government, for example, only Espera himself and two others know of X rank even as speculation). Anyone who is SA rank or above is only presented as being A rank at the highest, their true identities, skill, and power being kept a closely guarded secret. Missions are likewise ranked from F rank to SSS (triple S) rank, with anything S rank or above being non-recommendable to groups smaller than five with an average hunter rank of A or better. While hunters are allowed to pick and choose their missions freely, it is not recommended for them to choose a mission more than two ranks above their own in the standard (F-A) rankings, or any above their own in the special (S-SSS) rankings (even when in a group), and a hunter is not allowed to choose a mission of S rank or higher unless they themselves are at least S rank and they have at least one partner of equivalent or higher rank.

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The Hunters Guild (Or "Hunter's Guild", alternatively)
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