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 Trees Sapling/Slyix

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PostSubject: Trees Sapling/Slyix   Trees Sapling/Slyix Icon_minitimeSat Jun 24, 2017 11:19 am

Player ID:trees sapling

Character name: Slyix but real name is Trees Sapling
Race: Human
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 6 feet 3 inches
Weight: 230 lbs
Appearance: Dark brown almost black hair, dark brown eyes that shimmer black and green when standing in very bright light. Skinny but very strong.
Personality: He likes to focus on work, but given the opportunity he will crack jokes and be either funny or annoying based on how you view it.
Strengths: He is very smart and knows languages some people don't know. He is very strong and knows how to get out of a bad situation.
Weaknesses: (Post Fusion) He is harmed by cold temperatures.
Likes: Alcohol, girls, fights, races, partying, hanging out
Dislikes: Losing, (Post-Fusion) Space Pirates, (Post-Um..Some Point) Federation, Talking about his dead Family.
Known Languages: English, Space Pirate, (Prime and Post) Chozo, and (Fusion and Post) can talk to metroids to where they understand him but he can't understand them. (I totally forgot I gave him this ability to be honest)

Faction/Organization: (Post Fusion) Galactic federation/Bounty hunter (Pre-Fusion) Space pirates
Alignment: He tries his best to be good, He sometimes ends up on the bad side though.



Character History: Lived on planet X3-21, at the age of 6 space pirates attacked the planet like K-12, the attack wasn't as bad and only capital was destroyed. Though Trees was the only one who survived in the Capital. The space pirates kidnapped him and raised him to be a cold blooded Warrior. Soon at the age of 15 Trees changed his name to Slyix. But the space pirates started to perform tests on Slyix, first they fused his DNA with Space pirate DNA to make him stronger, then they fused his DNA with Chozo DNA and made him learn Chozo to have him look for the chozo artifacts. Soon space pirates started stealing from the B.S.L. station, though the X outbreak kept them from doing so. Some space pirates managed to steal some Metroid DNA before the outbreak. They Fused Slyix's DNA and the Metroid DNA so that Slyix can steal more resources, mostly Metroid and Metroid DNA, but Samus destoryed the BSL station before they could send Slyix to it. Soon after the destruction of the station, The galactic federation attacked the space pirates and Slyix was free from the Space Pirates and was able to get his revenge.

-Battle suit-
Suit Name: Space Pirate Power Suit (A space pirate copy of Samus' Chozo Power Suit)
Suit Type: Power Suit
Weaponry: Arm Cannon with Power Beam, Charge beam, plasma beam, wave beam and Nova beam upgrades. Grapple beam, X-ray Visor, Thermal Visor, Echos Visor, Missles, Super Missles, Seeker Missiles, Ice missiles.
Shielding: Varia Suit, Gravity Suit, Hazard Shield, Space Pirate amour

-Alt Form-
Alt Form Name: Morph ball (Space Pirate design)
Description: Similar to Samus' Morph ball, though a flaw in the Space Pirate design is that it is larger. The Blueprints were never created for this working Morphball.
Abilities/Weapons: Hover ball (allows hovering across pits, cannot gain height), Power Bombs, Morph ball bombs, boast ball, spider ball, Metroid Latch (Allows Slyix to drain some creatures energy and add it to his own, maybe overpowered but has a very long recharge period.)

Ship Name: Killer Oak
Ship Type: GunShip
Weapon Systems: Missiles, power bombs launcher, Laser Cannon, Heat seeking missiles,
Attachments: Grapple, Thermal and X-ray visors, cloaking device (allows ship to look like anything from a giant rock to a space pirate cargo ship)

No dates or Anything. Just an order a Slyix's timeline to this point.

Space Pirates attack Slyix's home planet to destroy the Capitol and steal it's Valueables, Slyix's entire family is killed along with everyone else in the captiol. While leaving, a few pirates sneak the surviving Slyix on board.

Slyix is allowed to live among the Pirates after a few Generals get permission, they plan to raise him as a soldier who could trick Federation Forces.

Slyix is infused with Space Pirate DNA, in hopes of helping with his battle training.

Dr. Siken Keil starts Project Hunter, he gives the prototypes to Slyix.

Slyix is wiped and thrown in Prison for hanging a Picture of Samus Aran in his living quarters for Non-Shooting Pratice Purposes. He is released a couple DecaCycles later. (Its been a while since I read the Scan logs in the Prime Games, Sorry If I mess up Time Stuff)

Dr. Siken Keil creates a Clone of the Morph Ball, however later dies after a Federation Attack. Only the Beam Weapon copies are salvaged from Project Hunter as all other Weapons are locked away by Keil's Security System.

Slyix is infused with Chozo DNA and is forced to learn the Chozo language to aid in the search for the Chozo Artifacts.

(Big gap here between Prime 1 and Fusion I need to fill with RPs later)

Space Pirates loose contact with their forces that have broken into the B.S.L. Station. The last info they receive tells about the X parasites. To finish the mission, they infuse Slyix with the only Metroid DNA they managed to steal along with the data on the first delivery mission before contact was lost. They do this to send him to the B.S.L. Station and steal what remaining things they want.

The Federation attacks the Space Pirate Homeworld before Slyix is ready to depart to the B.S.L. Station. Slyix tries to fight back, but ends up Captured by the Federation.

The Federation gives Slyix therapy, and eventually he comes to their side. He then is sent to the ruins of SR-388 to try and recover anything that may of Survived.

Slyix recovers Metroid DNA and finds an Omega Metroid. He takes the DNA to the Federation, him and the Federation depart to try and obtain the Omega (This is going to be added to/Changed when the RP is done)

Slyix joins and rises in the ranks of the Federation until he is put in charge of Project Fusion after the previous leader resigns. His first action is creating Subject M-01.

After going through 22 Subjects, Subject M-23 ends up being perfect. Though, unfortunately A creature known as Rowan attacks, killing most on the Station. During this all the Metroids are killed, Data is lost, and Subject M-23 Escapes. Slyix resigns after losing the perfect subject.

After Slyix resigns, he goes back to fighting in the Federation Army. Eventually he resigns again and becomes a bounty hunter working for the Federation like he started with them. At the same time, the Federation distance themselves from him until they forget him completely.

With nothing left, Slyix decides to just wander Space and look for something worth seeing, whatever that maybe. Eventually while resupplying on a Kriken Controlled Planet, he is captured and infected with Dark Extract and forced to fight for them. However the planet they fight on is blown up, Allowing the barely survived Slyix to escape in his run down ship.

The Killer Oak completely breaks down beyond repair. Slyix soon crashes on an invisible and hidden planet. He meets Humas and the Choron. They heal him and Humas offers him Sanctuary and use of their light Shard to undo his Dark Infection if he does simple things for them and helps out, he has no choice but to agree.

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Trees Sapling/Slyix
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