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 Metroid Fan Theory thingies

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PostSubject: Metroid Fan Theory thingies   Fri May 11, 2018 4:31 pm

Post what you think that hasn't 100% been confirmed in the universe, maybe some RP site worldbuilding.

The Other M and Prime versions of the Federation suits both exist, just the Other M version is a light armor version meant for less combat heavy operations.

The Dark World constantly exists and is a totally separate reality, with every world having a dark version. Aether is just the only one in the games portrayed to have opened a rift to it. There are also other worlds that have been totally eaten by the Ing and the dark world, disappearing from the main reality or "Light World".

Phazon wasn't actually totally destroyed, just made dormant and unable to control people at least until another Phaaze is formed.

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Metroid Fan Theory thingies
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