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 Hayden K'rena

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Player ID:  Fox The Ruffian


Character name: Hayden K’rena
Race: Human
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 2”
Weight: 182 Pounds
Appearance: Hayden is a tall young adult male with a medium build and broad shoulders. His hair is short but shaggy in nature and is a dark brown in color. His skin tone is a pale ivory that makes him a very light in skin tone as far as that goes. His eyes are a vibrant hazel in color. He also has a slice scar across one of his cheeks. He is a handsome young male with a bit of an interesting vibe about him.
Personality: In a quick summary, Hayden is relatively quiet, hardworking, and tries to keep to himself, rarely forming bonds, and hating conflict.
He avoids conflict since conflict isn’t something this guy wants to deal with in any form of the word. He becomes panicked when confronted with it and in short doesn’t know how to deal with it. It’s simply better for him to keep his distance from it, which they may be why he more or less keeps to himself but it isn’t for certain that is a reason or not.  
Quiet and keeps to himself is something that really shows. More of the lone wolf type of person, which he’d just prefer to be on his own. He prefers to keep to himself because it keeps things quiet, where he can mine in peace. The noise of people brings flashbacks to his time in the Federation, the battles, the death... But of course there is the chance he does become too close others, but as said it very rarely happens. If he has to handle people, he has to take a deep breath and get it over with as soon as possible.
Hardworking is a word that describes Hayden very well. He sometimes overworks himself, not wanting to do much else and has sometimes been found sleeping, leaning on the equipment after pushing himself too far. But when he isn’t overworked, he keeps his eyes on whatever project he may be working on and takes care in what he is doing.
Strengths: Hayden is an all-round strong fighter despite his aversion to conflict. He can fix most broken technology with the exception of biological tech.
Weaknesses: Hayden is nervous, and easily panicked when approached with conflict.
Likes: eating his rations in peace, and maintaining the groups gear.
Dislikes: fights, the Federation, and small skittering creatures.
Known Languages: English


Faction/Organization: Former Federation Soldier (AWOL), Fugitive, Tarok Mining Company
Alignment: Neutral


Other: If he takes the time to breathe and calm himself, he can engage in combat effectively.
Equipment: Federation SMG (Heavily modified), Mining hand drill, energy tank, grappling hook.


Character History: Ever since he was little, Hayden dreamed of being in the Federation, to support his home. Shortly after he left for the academy, his hometown was razed, and he was left with only the people he had met in the academy. With a heavy heart, he carried on, passing with high marks and excellent skills. After 3 years of fighting Space Pirates, and seeing everyone he knew fall to the Pirates, something in Hayden cracked, he took a Federation gunship as far as it could go, to the outer rim of the galaxy, gaining a 50'000 credit bounty (Wanted Alive)  in the process. Now, he has taken up a career in mining on backwater planets for a "barely legal" mining company named "Tarok Mining".

-Battle suit-

Suit Name:  Wayside Hazard
Suit Type: Hazardous environment protection, including heat, cold, and space. Keeps the user completely insulated and seals itself when the visor comes down.
Weaponry: shock gloves strong enough to temporarily shut down most power suit systems.
Shielding: standard small arms Shielding


Ship Name:  The Breakneck
Ship Type:  small armed cargo ship
Weapon Systems: heavy EMP missiles, and fixed front cannons.
Attachments: heavy frontal shielding array
Registered to the Name of: Tarok Mining.

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