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PostSubject: A.e.r.o.s   A.e.r.o.s Icon_minitimeTue Feb 05, 2019 2:46 am

Player ID:  Zandary


Character name: A.e.r.o.s  Automated Electric Remnant Organic System
Race: Cybernetic Semi-Organic Clone of Amli Meros
Age:  19 years old
Gender: female
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 563 lbs (due to cybernetic parts, gravity functions allow her to move without hindrance)
Appearance: A.e.r.o.s 9k= 
Personality: Once a friendly, warm, compassionate, human known as Amli Meros, Aeros was an A.I. created to be exactly like Amli However, When Aeros was launched and was let into the Lab’s systems, she was overtaken by the fact, that she was not herself, that she was a machine. This caused her normal personality to form into a sarcastic, sadist, masochistic, cruel, cold, shell of herself. A.e.r.o.s enjoys toying with people, and slowly killing them. She also enjoys simulated pain, which is created by a electrical discharge in her body caused by being “hurt” or whenever she wants it to, as she cannot truly “feel” anything else.

Strengths: She does not feel pain unless she wants to, she cannot feel emotions, (however, she can show Emotion, memories of the emotion, and referencing her life, she knows what she should feel, and how to express this Shell of emotion) She is an expert hacker. A.e.r.o.s can control any Z.E.P. unit, as well as the Eclipse. She is always in touch with Thaddeus as she is his “computer”.

Weaknesses:  She can’t feel emotions, Electromagnetic pulses, being confronted with the fact that she is not “real” (causes her to go into an overly “emotional” state as her system goes into shock, which results in her doing irrational actions and spasmodic movement) Wiping all 25 copies of her A.I. (which is the only true way to “kill” her, although, being trapped in her humanoid housing unit, unable to do anything would be worse.)

Likes/Dislikes: Likes: “pain”, Hurting others, being alone, being with Thaddeus, running “tests” Listening to Music during battles or..all the time. Music: Classical, Osts, Older music, Electro swing,  Dislikes Organic life, her death (it terrifies her) being in groups, failure.

Known Languages: All Human Languages, space pirate, chozo, luminoth


Faction/Organization: Project A.e.r.o.s, Z.E.P., Thaddeus Darmin
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Evil


Other: Can interface with any electronic via different electrical pulses,

Equipment: Universal translator, 2 external speakers (shoulder), Aux port (back of neck),  5 usb ports (3 on back, 2 on hands), Microphone Mp3 player (below neck), Digital recorder, External Calculator (left arm,under elbow) Solid Light Projection device (on her right arm, allows her to interact with the Eclipse controls, Thaddeus’ suit, Her own systems, and anything she hacks) 1 Awesome sound system, (used to run music during fights)

Character History:  Amli Meros was a incredibly intelligent child, skipping first, second, and third grade, At age 12, she had designed a spacecraft that could be powered by organic waste, She was an amazing engineer, and a even better programmer. With Thaddeus, they laid the basis for MB and parts of the Aurora unit’s systems. At age 16, Amli had become Thaddeus’s partner and girlfriend, She even helped construct the S.D.T.G.T.S. (Semi-Dimensional Teleportation Gate Travel System) A year after the S.D.T.G.T.S. was completed, and had they tested it on non organic objects, they moved on to organic entities, and then, to the first manned flight test, led by Amli. The Gate’s systems were functioning normally, when a massive gravitational anomaly struck the gate, It was seeming undamaged, Thaddeus wanted to continue, but Amli was unsure. With Thaddeus pressuring her, she entered the gate. The Gate collapsed into a sub-dimensional black hole, which pulled Amli in as she was mid way between the two connected S.D.T.G.T.S. Amli atoms were scattered across two hundred and thirty seven different dimensions. She was killed instantly. Thaddeus spent a year, programming and designing A.e.r.o.s to replicate Amli Meros. This Program, was originally housed in a massive Core, which is still present in A.e.r.o.s’ Personal Room. A.e.r.o.s, with Thaddeus’ assistance built the A.e.r.o.s  A.I. Humanoid Housing Unit, or as she likes to call it, “a painful necessity to function”.

-Battle suit-
Suit Name:  A.e.r.o.s  A.I. Humanoid Housing Unit.
Suit Type: A fully Automated suit which houses A.e.r.o.s’ A.I. core.
Weaponry: High Powered Electrical pulse cannons, Energy overflow (takes Reserve energy and fires it out of the Pulse Cannons) Ice missiles, Ice beam, Magnetic directional flow modifier (fires magnetic pulses and can control magnetic fields)
Shielding: Varia shielding, Gravity Functions, 12 Energy tanks, 3 reserve tanks, converts energy based attacks into energy.


Ship Name: Eclipse
Ship Type:Space Pirate Cargo Vessel remade into practically a Science and Research Lab Space Station.  
Weapon Systems: Plasma Cannons, Ship Missiles, Dark Energy based Shielding, Light energy based Shielding,  Z.E.P. Units
Attachments: Teleporter, Seven Sectors which can disengage from one another. Five Sectors are Planetary Simulation areas, with their own lab sections. One Sector is the main Sector, with the ship’s Bridge and essentials inside. The Final Sector is completely a Lab, with containment units, Cloning chambers, Computers, as well as A.e.r.o.s’ personal room.
Registered to the Name of: Thaddeus Darmin, Controlled by A.e.r.o.s
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