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 Rosá Zhave

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PostSubject: Rosá Zhave   Rosá Zhave Icon_minitimeSat May 04, 2019 7:02 pm

Player ID: Genosa


Character name: Rosá Zhave
Race: Human
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Height: 5"9
Weight: 140
Appearance: Short brown hair, Athletic build, Curvy
Personality: Easygoing, Blunt, Restless
Strengths: Courageous, Swiftness, Confident
Weaknesses: Impulse, quick to anger
Likes: Cigerettes, Oranges, Exercising, reading, soda, and burgers.
Dislikes: Turnips, Storms
Known Languages: English but can read a small amount of Chozo writing. (Cannot speak nor understand)


Faction/Organization: Galactic Federation
Alignment: Neutral


Character History: Rosa Zhave Was born on the planet brigandia in the city of outlaws, Rosa never got know who her parents was her earliest memories of her was getting picked up by some group of bandits and raised by them. However she had some childhood friends whom she spent most of her time with most of the babies grew and were trained into becoming bandits, Since childhood her and friends were constantly pummeled and beat up by the group as they thought them how to defend themselves often her and her friends would sneak out at night and hang out without the worry of being beaten, Rosa never had a decent education due to the fact most of the world she lived on was full of crime but she would still read books from time to time, reading on different races and such she even learned a small bit from reading books on the chozos history thought most of it was just basic, as they kept alot to themselves. Eventually Rosa began to grow and she was riding around with the other crimes doing things such as stealing cars and cash from local shops. The town mostly knew rosa for being a sweetheart as she would only put up the facade of robbing in front of her crew and return the stuff later, after years of this happening the gang got suspicious and watched eventually she was caught and kicked out of the gang for being nice to people, rosa one was walking through town when she saw a commerical for the galactic federation on the t.v saying they were taking recruits and claimed to making a change in the galaxy, this got her excited she gathered up money which she stole from the same gang who kicked her out and bought herself a very expensive spaceship, it was sharp sleek and dark blue but seemed to light up in space she nicknamed it 'Blue Nova' never flown before it took a while for her to learn how to properly take off and fly out of orbit, when she did checked out the rest of ship as small as it looked from the outside it was actually quite roomy, it held a small shower, a restroom, a small living area, small fridge and a bed. Hours into flying she accidentally actived a button and an AI appeared on a screen, it seemed the AI itself didnt know much and they spoke for hours together, rosa explained many things as how her life and her planned journeys, in the end she gave the name Nova to the AI, Soon after she asked nova if she could put the ships GPS systems to set course for norion one of the main bases for the galactic federation. After what seemed to be an eternity of flying they arrived and she hopped out and Immediately spoke to personal eventually she signed up and underwent training, for ship combat, physical combat and weapons training after several months she graduated and had a sense of duty and honor she felt like she was apart of something bigger than herself. Eventually she was outfitted with of suit of choice and design and her ship was upgraded with weaponry and she began to work everyday for the galactic federation, from supply delivery to combat on other planets she was living the good life she thought, but she also felt like she still wanted a bit more adventure often on her free time or vacations she visits other planets with certain creatures to study and read about them, all her found data gets stored on the ships database so she can read more over a period of time.

-Battle suit-
Suit Name: Nova's Light
Suit Type: Light Gravity Suit
Weaponry: Normally Carries a Custom built Plasma rifle that can be charged for a more popular blast, but must cool done for several seconds after, her side arm is a small paralyzing pistol.
Shielding: She has a small shield to protect the small bit of skin that is exposed from her chest. It also comes with a helmet that allows air to be made from the environments she involved in an example as such is it can change poisonous gas into fresh breathable air.

Ship Name: Blue Nova
Ship Type: Attack Fighter
Weapon Systems: Two Plasma Cannons in the front and on the back of the ship one heat seeking missile launcher.
Attachments: It has Warp speed ability for quicker travel, but for the most part it comes where the bare living essentials for long travel, She has a AI onboard named Nova who is intelligent and the closet thing she has to communication.

Registered to the Name of: Rosá ZhaveRosá Zhave Spaceh12
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PostSubject: Re: Rosá Zhave   Rosá Zhave Icon_minitimeSun May 05, 2019 4:07 am

The bios a little brick-y, but otherwise I don't really have much issue with the contents. Approved.

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