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PostSubject: Raisa   Raisa Icon_minitimeThu May 30, 2019 7:43 pm

Racial Name: Raisa
Racial Homeworld: Zhar Konus
Primary Racial Traits: Pointed ears, a variety of skin colors(Some inhuman such as pink, grey, orange, etc), energy manipulation
Secondary Racial Traits: The material the user manipulates. Ranges from fire to water to rock to even strange cases like Neon, Smoke, and Glass.
Racial Sub-Traits: Have visual traits connected to the element they represent such as pink eyes and hair for neon variants, orange for fire manipulators. Some have glowing hair.
Basic Description: A humanoid race of energy manipulators, with several different variations that are possible. If an element or material exists, there could be a Raisa that can manipulate it.
Cultural quirks: A good amount of them have a fascination with advanced technology, especially those left behind by the void born. It's not uncommon for one to have a collection of useless(to them) technology, and some like to compete with others to see who can have the bigger collection.
They greatly enjoy combat, especially with other beings with abilities similar to theirs such as Phrygisians.
They have a similar culture to humans, though with some differences. There is no stigma connected to things like promiscuity, leading to a reputation of them being rather easy to get with. Which is usually true. They consider such things a friendly platonic thing, and they are often poly-amorous and if relationships are had they are considered open by human standards.
History: They are one of the few ancient races to have never encountered the Chozo, having mostly been left to their corner of the galaxy. Will work on this more when I think of it.
Basic Powers/Abilities of note: Energy manipulation. Superhuman strength and endurance. Healing factor directly connected to how much energy they have stored.

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