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 Natasha K'rena

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PostSubject: Natasha K'rena   Natasha K'rena Icon_minitimeSun Jun 09, 2019 10:43 am

Player ID: Fox the Ruffian


Character name: Natasha K'rena
Race: Human/Chozo hybrid.
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Height: 6’2 out of armor, 7'5 in armor
Weight: 198lbs
Appearance: Blonde long hair, a slim muscular frame, essentially a near perfect clone of Samus, with pale green eyes.
Personality: Natasha is loyal, well spoken, and usually fairly quiet. She prefers to be left to herself around people she hasn't adjusted to. After being pulled free of the Federation and its schemes, she now needs to discover herself.
Strengths: Excellent weaponry and hand to hand skills having been trained at a very young age. She has higher strength than most humans.
Weaknesses: Has a fear of being set on fire. Hates the cold.
Likes: Food that isn't military rations. Kevra's laser shows. Combat in general.
Dislikes: Being ripped out of her armor and strangled. Pointless noise. Patching her own wounds
Known Languages: Some Chozo, Galactic standard, Space Pirate (Can't speak it)


Faction/Organization: Dead Echo
Alignment: Neutral


Other: She's trying to learn engineering from Hayden, and expand her combat knowledge with the help of Talyn. She has cybernetic implants that worked in tandem with her power suit before it was destroyed. Now, they will only increase her strength and durability. Later on, she adopts Hayden's fake second name

Equipment: High power grappling hook mounted on her wrist, eye implants that work as a heads up display that she has total control over. Personal defense miniature double barrel shotgun for out of her armor.


Character History: Natasha was born inside a vat in a Federation base deep in the icy wastes of Arcterra. The moment she was born, she was titled SA-168, another attempt to perfectly clone the famed bounty hunter Samus Aran.
Natasha was trained from the moment she could walk, for war. She was trained to use almost any weapon in the Federation databases, including the "REDACTED" ones. After years of training and brainwashing, she was given a power suit very similar in design to Samus', except this one was inferior in structure which was made up for with its array of weaponry, including a high frequency charged wrist blade, a high powered plasma arm cannon, and small missile launchers on its shoulders.
Natasha passed many missions, being moved from place to place via being hidden in a stasis pod disguised as a cargo crate. One fateful journey, a traitor leaked the journey documents, and a group of elder space pirates caught wind, assuming SA was Samus Aran. They still sought vengeance despite the years that had passed, next thing she knew her crate was being broken into by a different variety of pirates. A pale skinned woman, a heavily armed and armored woman, and what she assumed was a man, considering the freakish augmentations he'd gone through. The three were unbelievably strong, working in tandem to take Natasha down until the male absorbed the ships power and smashed chunks out of her armor and nearly strangled her, clearly having lost himself, he was stopped by his ally. She passed out, remembering an escape pod, and a room. Obviously a brig, but... Softer. Almost as if they didn't plan to kill her. She awoke with her wounds stitched and cleaned up, wearing what can only be described as pyjamas.

-Battle suit-
Suit Name: Prototype Ramshackle power suit
Suit Type: Heavy duty combat suit
Weaponry: HUD compatible heavy assault rifle.
Shielding: Thermal shielding, Radiation shielding, Electrical insulation, Heavy duty self repairing plating.

Ship Name: The Breakneck

Natasha K'rena 9cbc9b10 Her current armor.

Natasha K'rena Futuri10 Heavy assault rifle.

Natasha K'rena Moth3r10 Personal defense weapon.

Natasha K'rena Cyberp10 Casual clothing.

Natasha K'rena Df7a8d10 General physical appearance.
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Natasha K'rena
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