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 Lyzla Umbrosa

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PostSubject: Lyzla Umbrosa   Lyzla Umbrosa Icon_minitimeSun Jun 09, 2019 7:01 pm

Player ID: Pink Cat


Character name: Lyzla Umbrosa
Race: Umbran Symbiote Infused Human
Age: 23 when she was merged
Gender: Intersex
Height: 5'8"
Weight: Heavy
Appearance: Long white hair, black lipstick. Large breasts. Has a toned build, and a tail when using her biosuit.
Strengths: Able to regenerate from almost any sort of damage given enough time. Including regenerating from a single cell(Though this takes months). Able to shapeshift, including changing her arms into bladed weapons and sending out tentacles.
Weaknesses: Sound of a certain frequency can drive her into a state where she's in so much pain that she can't act or think straight. Fire will damage her in a way that slows down her healing, and she can be permanently destroyed if completely incinerated. Can also be stunned by sudden bursts of bright light, including from flash based non-lethal weaponry.
Likes: Dark places.
Dislikes: Bright lights
Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Space Pirate, Ancient Chozo Dialect(After copying memories from a corpse)


Faction/Organization: Dead Echo
Alignment: Neutral


Other: Pansexual
Two pistols
An assault rifle

-Able to shapeshift her body in numerous ways, being able to shift her limbs into blades, blunt weapons, and even whips. She is also capable of disguising herself as objects and people(Though she hates doing this), and reshaping her vocal cords to imitate a voice when needed. Along with changing the biological signature on her fingerprints and eyes if she copies them off a body.
-Superhuman strength, speed, and regeneration
-Enhanced tactical thinking: Is capable of thinking up elaborate strategies quickly, and even calculating angles required to do certain trick shots.
-Biomass absorption: Able to copy biomass from people, making her able to take their form(or aspects of their form such as voice). Doesn't actually require killing them or "consuming" them. Though doing that does supercharge her healing factor. Also copies over memories, and can be used to investigate a corpse or something like that.
-Danger sense: The symbiote seems to be able to give an early warning to avoid danger, though this doesn't work on other Umbran symbiotes.

Psychic abilities: The rewiring and enhancement of her brain actually enabled her to use Psionic powers. A good chunk of these are enabled after she absorbs the abilities of certain psychics and other symbiotes.
-Astral Projection
-Remote manipulation: Through a combination of astral projection and telekinesis, she can manipulate things like terminals and buttons from impossible angles.
-Limited Pyrokinesis: Can summon a jet of flame from the ground, though this seems to be it
-Phantom Shift: Can dash forward, leaving behind a psionic shadow that fades after a little bit. This can somehow trick organic beings into firing at this instead of her. Though not synthetics.
-Technokinesis: Is capable of hacking terminals and other low level tech such as turrets simply using her mind.
-Kinetic blast
-Psychoshock: Can overload the brain of a target, completely shutting off their psychic abilities and/or stunning them.
-Backlash: Can bring up a psychic force shield that will detonate and cause a telekinetic blast to fire at someone that breaks it.
-Limited electrokinesis: Can send out a lightning ball that sits in one place and fires bolts at anyone that gets near for half a minute
-Mindjack: Can take direct control of a living being, though they have to be both unaware and weak minded(No using this on main characters basically). Can be used to break mind control on someone else.
-Life energy sense: Can sense the life energy of living beings, even through walls.

Character History: Originally an infiltrator trying to steal a symbiote from a lab owned by a corporation, she was caught in an explosion when the mission went wrong. She was fused with the symbiote, with most of her memories destroyed due to the damage to her brain. Her brain was repaired and enhanced, but her memories were permanently lost. With a near total loss of identity, she took her last name after the name of the symbiote that saved her.
Her body was recovered from the nearly destroyed ship, and she was taken to a Federation lab for study alongside the other symbiotes. Then something went wrong...(Will fill in when this storyline is finished)

Years later she joined up with the Dead Echo crew, who took her in after finding her in some corner of the galaxy.

-Battle suit-
Suit Name: Umbrosa
Suit Type: Biosuit
Weaponry: Bladed tentacles, spikes that can be launched out.
Shielding: Psychic shielding
Other: Technically just her symbiote, though formed into a hardened armor.
-Alt Form-
Alt Form Name: Shadow Form
Description: Shifting into a more compressed form that can crawl through airvents quickly.
Abilities/Weapons: Tentacle blades

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