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 Legacy Almi

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PostSubject: Legacy Almi   Legacy Almi Icon_minitimeSat Jun 15, 2019 4:21 pm

ID Name: Zandary

Character Name: Almi Meros

Race: Cybernetically Enhanced Human
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Height: 6’ 0”
Weight: 196 lbs
Appearance: Legacy Almi E8AnCf50OkkESxrFVmPS8dIAQdQG-oWEAq6AQVDxERXoito0CtJLIOXZAF1TgYyXkEnmNAYpIpDJ4OgNvR5cm3Jlwk5dSUPM98uu--9XBHVaEQBMHHyhiG885gFFIkhVaNs2oT4x
Personality: Once a Sadistic, Cold, uncompassionate, AI known as Aeros, Amli was a Robot who was  recreated to be exactly like Amli However, She was brought back to her old self after her soul possessed her own clone. She is a warm, kind, Compassionate human who has serious insecurities, and guilt and self blame, as she remembers how she acted as a spirit, controlled by Malice and Hate.
Strengths: She has developed some form of Psychic powers from her time in between life and death. She has several cybernetic Implants.
Weaknesses: Guilt, Depression, Anger issues,  Tendency for having Emotional Problems, as she feels emotions VERY strongly, due to not feeling for so long. Tends to..obsessively Cling herself to ideas and people.
Likes: Like Sushi, Tea, VERY old Video Games, Classical Music
Dislikes: Her own actions, Thaddeus, to a degree, A.I. The color Red, anything to do with the Aeros Project. Large Groups
Known Languages: Galactic Standard, Chozo, Space Pirate, Luminoth.


Faction/Organization: None
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/ Chaotic Good


-Character History-
Amli was killed in an Accident which involved portals and wormholes, then she was recreated by her boyfriend as a robot, Her Soul continued to have consciousness in the space between life and death. There, her Anger and Hate towards Thaddeus, who she blamed for her death, aloud her to take over several parts of the Aeros units, which she planned to kill Thaddeus with. Things were complicated however when a man known as Hayden sparked one of the units interest, and through a series of timeline bending chaos, Amli was restored to a Human body.

Abilities: Able to summon a Dagger made from Destructive energy, capable of tearing temporary rifts in spacetime, and can teleport. Capable of heavily advanced Hand to hand combat, and can boost her own powers by drawing on the Malice located within the remains of Aeros.
Equipment: Diary, Pen, Ice Beam Pistol,  A  Robotic Left Hand with a strange Red energy inside ( she has it on a chain, like some sort of Trophy from a kill.  
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Legacy Almi
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