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 Eren Karda

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PostSubject: Eren Karda   Eren Karda Icon_minitimeWed Jun 19, 2019 10:22 am

Player ID: Fox the Ruffian


Character name: Eren Karda
Race: Human
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Height: 6 feet, 8 inches.
Weight: 206lbs
Appearance: Eren has black medium length hair with one orange strip in his fringe. He also has beads from his home planet, red green and blue in a repeating pattern in a single strip opposite his orange strip. His face bears several scars, including a minor burn scar under his left eye, a shrapnel scar on his cheek in the form of three lines.
Personality: Eren is irritable, preferring to be alone. He's distrusting, and will decieve people if it means getting them away from him. He especially hates anyone with the Federation.
Strengths: Highly skilled in firearms, good throwing arm.
Weaknesses: Heavy weaponry, EMP (Shuts the shielding of his armor down)
Likes: Like minded Anti-Federation, maintaining his gear and weaponry, pillaging Federation supply routes. Archaeology. Exploring the ruins of highly advanced races.
Dislikes: The Federation, Harming innocents, Prison, Overly violent people. People in general.
Known Languages: Standard, Space Pirate, Luminoth, Chozo.


Faction/Organization: Outlaw/Mercenary
Alignment: Neutral (Leaning more good.)


Other: Cybernetic implants give him a strength and speed advantage, subdermal nanofibers weaved into his flesh give him immunity to small arms fire.
Equipment: Shock grenades, jump jets, PDA, grappling hook (Offensive variant built to bring foes to the user)


Character History: As far as Eren can remember, the Federation essentially stomped on him, his family, and the people of his colony. Taking their food, their resources, and sometimes their children. Eren's parents hid him everytime the Feds came looking. Eventually, his parents began to suffer from starvation, so Eren  at age 16 left to lighten the load. He made his way off planet, taking various jobs and sending a portion of the money he made to his parents. He returned a year later, finding his home razed to the ground, Federation troops dumping bodies into pits and burning them. At that moment he was dead set on payback, willing to give anything to get back at them. He spent six years running with outlaw gans, raiding Federation outposts, hijacking their supply convoys by space, ground and air. Eventually the gangs were busted, ratted out by one of their own. At first they all suspected Eren, with him being the new kid on the block, that is until the Federation prisons' warden took a liking to torturing him for the hell of it, filing the sessions under "Behavioural discipline". During a prison riot, Eren was freed. He took his newly found freedom and beat the warden within an inch of his life, cutting his face up with a shank he made out of a toothbrush. He pushed the warden out of his office and into the courtyard a hundred feet below. Ever since then, he's ran by himself, the only company he keeps is a crew of robots, built to keep things running when he's not there. He still raids Federation supplies, now with frightening efficiency, leaving pretty much every officer dead, and every soldier badly beaten to the point where his presence in a system can demoralise most of the rank and file Federation forces stationted there.

-Battle suit-
Suit Name: Custom variant Sentry armour
Suit Type: Heavy duty
Weaponry: Wrist mounted grenade launcher (Can have various ammo types loaded.) Wrist mounted grappling hook (Brings targets to him.)
Shielding: Carbon reinforced plasteel plating, high strength deflector shield.

Ship Name: Korastos
Ship Type: Gunship
Weapon Systems: Two twin cannon swivel turrets front mounted, two rotary cannon swivel turrets, fixed front mounted missile launchers dumb fire and heat seeking.
Attachments: Missile countermeasures, internal point defence turrets.
Registered to the Name of: Eren Karda.

Eren Karda _2019011
Eren Karda _2019010
Eren Karda _2019012
Eren Karda _2019013
Armor profile.

Eren Karda 2s6lbo10
Eren's gunship.

Eren Karda 09e24710
Eren Karda Charli10
Eren's weaponry.
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Eren Karda
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