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PostSubject: Faith   Faith Icon_minitimeThu Jun 20, 2019 5:43 am

Player ID: Zandary


Character name: Faith
Race: Artificial Intelligence/ Robot.
Age: Mental age, 10 year old, Physical age, 3 weeks.
Gender: Female?
Height: 3 Inches
Weight: 0.075 lbs
Appearance: Faith Ct6m5siPzTiZFEHo10suK8OR47mC1r0hvb2-5zYI1sbiNO_o5cYdi8PI-JGcAmpMcPJPYaNoKb0uOjGO1y1fpuuYKUufoZMyiQ1Dvi4K
Personality: Faith is an Innocent Bean, she is quite robotic and emotionless, however, she does show some emotion. She talks very, robotically, and doesn’t understand figures of speech, and cannot read faces or sarcasm. She devotes her existence to helping out Amli, and is a well of knowledge.
Strengths: She is extremely smart, and caring. She gives everyone at least 4 Chances to prove themselves.
Weaknesses: Might be too forgiving, unable to get jokes/Sarcasm, idioms, etc. She is quite weak, having almost no combat abilities.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes Anime, Video Games, Helping people. Drawing, Bluebirds. Dressing up in little outfits. Dislikes, Rude people, Sad people, Not being able to help.
Known Languages: Everything, Literally Everything. As she is hooked up to Federation Systems.


Faction/Organization: Amli.
Alignment: Neutral Good.


Other: Can change her colors to match her mood, as she is normally gray/silver.
Equipment: She has her own art supplies.


Character History: Faith was Created by Amli to give her something to care about, something to protect. Faith was created by modifying 12’s Code. In a way, Faith is Amli’s Child. She is constantly learning, and will protect Amli with whatever she can. Faith has a very basic Robotic form, made from spare Aeros parts, and scrap found around the Breakneck. Faith is very durable, and is not harmed from intense temperatures and can fly via anti gravity systems.
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