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 Dread Crainte

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PostSubject: Dread Crainte   Dread Crainte Icon_minitimeFri Jun 21, 2019 6:41 am

Player ID: Zandary


Character name: Dread Crainte  
Race: Human, infused with Space Pirate DNA
Age: 178 Thanks to Relativity, he is just around 32
Gender: Male
Height: 6’ 3”
Weight: 187
Appearance: Dread Crainte WbLkWSNMXgT4-YqReMSLKCze3wiHyc1X0XIBuwmVZEFP7QeVFqvvef_F2SaUHn2jzNPxLZHhiEtYhMrpz-QAH4kDbYZ-GeS8eEpeDnH7
Personality: Dread is a cold, and powerful Assassin. He works on a no questions, just money ethic. He’d kill 100 Orphans if he could get a profit. He works alone, and has no feelings towards anyone. He basically had his feelings turned off during his training. He is always distant from those around him, as the more separated he is, the easier it is to harm others. He has a flair for the dramatic, letting easy targets run, and hard targets fall fast and hard. When forced to work with others, he barely talks, and never follows the plan.
Strengths:  Through training, he can consciously control every function in his body, blood, breathing, temperature. (Etc)
Weaknesses: Although he is distant, he has major emotional control issues, and can be prone to flashbacks, immense rage, gulit, or depression.
Likes/Dislikes: Although he doesn’t show it, he loves dogs, their loyal, friendly, and easily trained. He also has a thing for an old game series called ‘Hyper Crushing Sisters.’ He also has a strict Honor code, he will not steal, he will not kill people that aren’t his target, and he must accept a duel. He dislikes people, and those with no honor. He Cannot bring him to harm anyone that isn’t on his hit list.
Known Languages: Space Pirate, Common, ( A combination of whistles that he controls His Ship with)


Faction/Organization: Crainte Hunters
Alignment: Lawful Evil



Equipment: He has a Custom Made Sniper that has two settings, Hard Sound, and Particle Beam. The Hard sound mode fires a deadly audio pulse capable of disrupting the flow of blood to parts of the body it hits. The sound cannot pierce armor, but if it hits exposed skin, or clothing, it can cause blood to not flow there. The Particle Beam fires a stream of superheated Molecules at the target, That pass through materials similar to the wave beam, however, it can also pierce organic materials.
Dread Crainte 0Fnrhr-WklRB7Tp-21Togasl9Un97nZ_DbkaPFT-iY5ZxRxhAOzs7XXszGL9qN1rdOZ1DKi2oDHQWEf6SJV2v9MR-ns1MUxnLh3EGyb7TJH98OIYS-kumDdKTGnSbYw1NFOQbXXf

Character History:  Dread was a human who was spared by a single space pirate soldier, who trained him, and then later made him into a total killing machine. However, he was too much killer, and killed the pirates. He started his own business as a hired gun. He has no preference of killing feds or pirates, as he views both as horrible murderers. He was given his ship and weaponry, and he stole his Suit from a fed base during his time with the pirates.

-Battle suit-
Suit Name: Triam
Suit Type: Durable Cloaking Federation Reconnaissance suit
Weaponry: It’s left arm has two rotating Pistols on it.
Shielding: It has extremely powerful shielding, defense is around the same as the Gravity suits base shielding. It is protected from Temperature, Extreme Gravity, Hazards. It also has a form of Extremely powerful active Camouflage, Blocking him from Thermal, X-Ray, Sound, Bioscanning, and normal Vision. It does not remove his footprints, and can be seen by Dark Energy Visors.

Ship Name: Napoleon
Ship Type:  Archimedes Stealth Ship
Weapon Systems: Rail Guns, EMP Bombs, Disruptor Class Thermonuclear Warheads. Rapid Fire Twin Miniguns.
Attachments: Cloaking, Jamming field, Warp Drive capable of going Warp 9.999
Registered to the Name of: Dread Crainte
Dread Crainte VB3n309mYFv47S1h_R5czRXzVIM573p7vZNadYF8vRNes1xUoEPQ8eLgTO39SK0-jvHh4YwdjFIuDYKnqnG4Yb-CgTewOtQN051NOu7L
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Dread Crainte
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