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PostSubject: Nil   Nil Icon_minitimeWed Jul 10, 2019 10:24 am

Planet Name: Nil
Planet's Moons: 1, Sovas Nil
Atmosphere: Breathable
Hours per day: 12
Days per year: 774
Climate: Several differing climates, some cold, some arid, some wet and humid
Dominant Environment: Forests and cavernous Mountains.
Gravity: slightly less than normal.
Sentients: Paxsil
Technological Development: Not space traveling, has not made contact with other worlds, Uses a form of ‘magic’ which they collect from the life force of powerful creatures called Divines. They wield several different hand to hand weapons, consisting of natural weaponry, and needle like blades.
Government: There are 8 lords who rule over the 8 continents and one queen in control over these lords.
Economy: Lifethread is the common currency, it is life force threaded into physical. Most creatures mine gemstones that are sent to the temples on the planet, these temples house the divines, which have been made into batteries.
Exploration: Most of the planet has been explored, however nothing in the water has been found, as the Paxsil cannot swim.
Significant Feature: There is a massive floating city where the queen lives, the city is about 2 /3 the size of a continent.
Cultural Quirks: Several Paxsil have hive minds with the lords/queen.
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