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 General Sturnn of the 412th Federation Regiment

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General Sturnn of the 412th Federation Regiment Empty
PostSubject: General Sturnn of the 412th Federation Regiment   General Sturnn of the 412th Federation Regiment Icon_minitimeFri Jul 31, 2009 11:19 am

Character name:General Lukas Alexander Sturnn
Appearence:Very old,Bald
Personality:Believes in the good of all humanity and also believes that humans and aliens can live as one,Very energetic even for an old man
Strengths:Close Combat as well as long range bombardment from his ship
Weaknesses:Weak in general until he gets his own command squad
Likes/Dislikes:Close combat,Orbital Bombardments/Metroids
Favourite Quotation:To each of us falls a task and all that humanity requires of us Federation troopers is that we stand the line and we die fighting,Its what we do best:We Die Standing....FOR THE FEDERATION!
Equipment:Close combat battle claws with built in grenade launchers on each hand,Can also wield a battle hammer or use a shield drone and gun drone to protect him if the need arises.
Character History:General sturnn was raised on earth and got a job in the nearby Federation Base until he found himself rising up the ranks but came to a halt when he reached the rank of general and found himself commanding the entire regiment and the base which he named after a planet called victory bay,the federation was not best pleased however and banished him to one of their many Battleships:olympus.The base was renamed as segementum command and gave sturnn orders to eradicate entire alien populations but sturrn flatly refused to commit to genocide and so he joined the federation corps and layed waste to segmentum command because they were accused of heresy and chaos worship and so he became a champion.He then took over segmentum command and renamed it to North vandea where he planned his missions and trained his troops which he named it as the 412th Federation Regiment which he used in his galaxy wide conquest against all that opposes the Federation.

Ship Name: Valkerie
Ship Type:Small Gunship
Weapon Systems:Defended by a large fleet of ships commanded by sturnn's qualified pilots handpicked from North Vandea where his base is situated
Registered to the Name of:General Lukas Alexander Sturnn.
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General Sturnn of the 412th Federation Regiment
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