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 Ragnar Starshatter

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PostSubject: Ragnar Starshatter   Ragnar Starshatter Icon_minitimeSun Oct 04, 2009 12:20 pm

Name: Ragnar Starshatter
Race: Space Pirate (Formerly Ing possesed)
Age: *unknown*
Gender: Male
Appearance:Ragnar Starshatter Ragnar10
Ok listen up there are several differences in his appearance first the blue on his armor is completly black while the pinkish red parts are dark red, also the cyan *eye* is also red.
Alignment: Evil *duh*
Personality: Ruthless, merciless, reckless, brutal, somewhat arrogant, manipulative when he wants to be, but sometimes displays a strange spontaneous and witty side to him, even more surprising is that he seems to have something of a sence of humor lastly he has a hatred for bounty hunters and the Galatic Federation that few other pirates could ever match *Believe me he would disobey an order from Ridley himself if it meant killing one bounty hunter.* They also say that after he kills one he takes a trophy off their corpse and adds it to his collection. *lastly I should note his hatred is MOSTLY directed towards the bounty hunters working for the federation*
Strengths: He is actually a well rounded and versatile fighter in both close and ranged combat, and thanks to his little incident with the ing he has gained a whole new array of powers which include psionic abilities *no mind reading think more like mass effects biotics* as well as several Ing powers such as temporaly phasing out and reanimating dead soldiers as well as some minor shapeshifting,
Weaknesses: His arrogance, when he is winning a fight he can get pretty cocky and can be taken by surprise, also his recklessness especially when it comes to bounty hunters.
Likes/Dislikes: Trophies, looting, destruction *all that good stuff*/ Disloyalty in the ranks, idiots, incompetance, idiots, losing, the galatic federation, bounty hunters, bounty hunters, bounty hunters, bounty hunters , bounty hunters, bounty hunters, bounty hunters, bounty hunters, bounty hunters, bounty hunters, and finally bounty hunters.

Backstory: Ragnar Starshatter like most of his kind was born on a starship and immediantly placed into combat training, his "parental figures" if thats what he could call them, where increadibly strict with him, being even harsher with him than most pirate recruits, to the point where his training would include live fire, or leaving him on some dangerous world to fend for himself, needless to say it.......did things to only got worse when him and his comrades where out raiding federation ships when a bounty hunter boarded it and exterminated them singlehandedly.......even today Ragnar calls it luck that he even survived that day, it was also this incident that gave him his extreme hatred for bounty hunters.
But if the damage he sustained during his early days was not enough, insanity most likely came when he was on Aether....he and some other pirates where out patrolling the base perimeter when a squad of Ing appeared and possessed them all, while the others gave in quickly Ragnar did something no other pirate had ever done....he resisted it, as a fire fight began between the possessed pirates and the loyal ones Ragnar simply stood their dumbly waging a mental battle within his mind, suddenly he lashed out at the first possessed pirate and quickly fired on the rest proving he was still on their side, despite this, after the battle numerous test where conducted to make shure it was not an Ing trick. When the ing where supposedly destroyed Ragnar's strange new powers did not fade but the hunter ing's mind was basically reduced to a vegetable state allowing Ragnar to control its powers like they where his own. any doubts about his loyalty to the space pirates where quickly pushed aside as well.
With this Ragnar essentially had a fresh start, he began to rise up the ranks, cutting through them like a hot knife through butter, if he did not get the position he was after he employed the simple method of killing the one who possessed it. To this day Ragnar continues to raid federation outposts and fight fiercly for the space pirate cause of galatic domination, he has also made it his personal mission to eliminate any bounty hunter he can find.

Suit: Pirate Commando Armor *Enchanced and modified by Ing possession*
Dark Beam
Wrist blade
Dark Missile Launcher


Ship: Defiler
Type: Pirate Cruiser
Weapons systems-
-5 heavy plasma cannons
-2 plasma missile launchers

Stealth generator

Ragnar Starshatter Defile10
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Ragnar Starshatter
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