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 Exalyn - The Ranged Coward

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PostSubject: Exalyn - The Ranged Coward   Exalyn - The Ranged Coward Icon_minitimeFri Feb 06, 2009 4:44 am

Player ID: DarkDan158
Character name: Exalyn - The Ranged Coward
Race: Alien
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Height: 7'
Weight: 190 lbs
Appearence: Alimbic Body structure.Has short black hair and black eyes.Wears a red and black jumpsuit.
Faction: Alimbic
Alignment: Neutral
Theme song: Stained medal-Sigismundos theme.(I chose this theme song because Exalyn is an outcast General and the description stained medal fits him)
Personality: A ranged attacker.He uses everything in his power that will honour the alimbic past.He helps many people sort out their problems(even though he is not a bounty Hunter).He has goodwill to help out the weak and feeble.He despises space pirates and will always fight them to the very end...even if it means sacrificing his life.
Strengths: using ranged attacks to defeat his enemies and using the fact that most of his enemies which are mostly space pirates are dull witted and slow moving to his advantage.
Weaknesses: Close combat.When he is pressed into close combat he normally loses his will to fight and runs to the nearest safe point.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes ranged combat.Dislikes space pirates.
Other: None
Equipment: Alimbic Battle suit

Suit Name: Alimbic Ranged Battle suit (ARBS)
Suit type: Ranged
Appearence : Same as his Body structure only The colour is a Orange phazony colour.
Weaponry: Alimbic Arm cannon(almost similar to samus arans arm cannon but Bigger),Alimbic artillery cannon (for further ranged combat),Alimbic omega cannon rifle(used as a lat resort and it is the only one left in existance.Weaker than the omega cannon that samus used but still pretty strong).
Shielding: Alimbic shield generator class 15,Highest of Alimbic shielding (ASGC15) lasts for a hour or 30 hits.Can be used as a weapon when all else fails to make his escape.
Other: Alimbic Hazard suit deluxe(AHSD) used for protection against hazardous weather. Alimbic Teleportation Gun(ATG) used to teleport him and others around him out and in battle.

Ship Name: The Alimbon 7
Ship type: Large transport ship
Weapon systems: omega strafing run cannons(2),10 plasma emplacments.
Attachments: Hanger for carrying smaller ships, plasma take off thrusters(damages enemy troops when taking off).
Registered to the name of: Exalyn

History:During the time that Exalyn was born the alimbic society was attacked by Gorea,a unkown entity who was created during a meteor strike. all young kids were sent to alimbic barraks to train and fight against the unstoppable beast that was gorea.Exalyn rose up the ranks and became Alimbic general of the forces stationed on Alinos the final staging grounds where the alimbic cannon was created and trapped Gorea in his prison.Exalyn was banished from the alimbic army just before the alimbics vanished.Now he is one of the many alimbics that survived the great catastrophe and is roaming the galaxy seeking answers to his kinds dissapearence and hopes to find out before he dies.
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Exalyn - The Ranged Coward
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