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 Allistor 312

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PostSubject: Allistor 312   Allistor 312 Icon_minitimeTue Oct 13, 2009 8:26 am

Player ID: Chaostro101

Character name: Allistor 312

Race: Human

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 173 Lbs.

Appearance: Long spikey black hair that he keeps in a ponytail; hair on the left side of his face kept out, hiding the enhancement in his left eye. His skin is a little pale, with a few freckles over his nose and a scar on his cheek. He also has a bit of a mini goatee growing on his chin. He has an average build along with surgical implants over his hands, giving them the appearance of hands belonging to a robot, both of which have the ability to emit red hot plasma blades at the finger tips by his "will". The implants themselves are mostly black with red trim, and the enhancement in his eye is robotic with a single red dot for the iris (changes color to show him different views like samus's visors. Red meaning thermal). He can usually be seen wearing a black and red jumpsuit with black federation combat boots.

Faction/Organization: None

Alignment: Good: Escaped the space pirates, and seeks help from the federation

Personality: He doesn't like violence, tries to avoid it as much as possible, but uses it when he has no other option.

Strengths: Fast, strong and an expert in combat. He is also fluent in the pirate language

Weaknesses: He's too shy around females and rarely asks for help from anyone. Also he has trouble speaking english.

Likes/Dislikes: Likes sleeping and doing missions/ hates pirates and violence


Equipment: Pirate Annihilator plasma claws series 2 with plasma pellet firing system, Orion Delta eye enhancement.

Character History *Translated from pirate language*: "Hi, I'm Allistor 312. My parents were killed by space pirates when I was just a baby. One pirate, a pirate by the name of Commando 312, secretly took me under his wing and tried to raise meas one of his own. I suppose in his mind, he felt a little bad for my loss, and at the same time he probably saw this as an opportunity to brainwash me into believing that the pirates were a far more superior race and that my parents deserved what they got. I digress, though.

"For 14 years I lived with Commando, always living in his quarters secretly; hiding during inspections and training in combat whenever he had time. At the time I saw our training as more of a game, never did I think that the training he taught me would save my life. I obtained my implants from one of Commando's "Comrades", another pirate who was a scientist and shared a deep respect with 312. When I asked about the enhancements, 312 would tell me "They are for when the time comes.".

"At age 17, a different pirate within the science division had caught wind of what 312 had been doing in his spare time, and told the higher ups. That night 312 and I fled the facility that we had lived. Every pirate we encountered, we took down ferociously. I remembered being covered head to toe in the blood of my attackers, and at that time the only thing in my head was survival. We had just made it outside of the facility, several yards away, when a sniper from the facility took down 312 before my very eyes. I knelt down beside the one that took me in; the one who acted as my father even though my parents were dead. I tried to get him up, but he pushed me away, saying with his blood soaked mouth,"Go on without me. You must leave to find the life you were meant to have. Go now, before my kind kills you."

'And so I ran. I ran until my feet were so bloody that I couldn't run anymore. I had blacked out, and when I awoke, I was within the central quarters of the Federation in the medical wing, surrounded by beings who were like me and not pirates, but I couldn't understand them. It wasn't until a year later that I learned a bit of english from the doctor that had taken care of me. I remember when they asked me what my name was....I remembered thinking of Commando 312 as he raised me through all the years we had spent together....I told them in english: "My name Allistor 312, son of Commando 312"

"I now seek to join the federation to help put an end to the tyranny of the space pirates, so that no other innocent lives could be slain."


Suit Name: Humanoid Bio Suit 319

Suit Type: Built for strong defense

Weaponry: See equipment

Shielding: Stainless steel,

Ship Name: None

Ship Type: None

Weapon Systems: Plasma Claws, plasma pellet shooter

Attachments: Eye enhancement given by space pirates


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Allistor 312
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