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PostSubject: metroidianprime   metroidianprime Icon_minitimeSun Oct 18, 2009 1:45 pm

Player ID: metroidianprime
Character name: metroidianprime
Appearance: : known as the hunter hunter
Faction/Organization:space pirate
Alignment: EVIL
Personality: Mean
Strengths: :(xparasite): :(xparasite):
Weaknesses: anything damaging mainly metroids
Likes/Dislikes: dislike bounty hunter
Other:works for ridley
Equipment: enhance and augmented Gf trooper suit
Character History: during events in prime groups of galactic federation troopers were trying to follow ridley's path, everyone was destroyed... except him, a space pirate research was on brain manipulating. they trpped in a stasis tank until he heard a loud BOOOM. the ship crashes into an odd planet, his brain half space pirate he manged to escape

He saw something extraordinary x parasite and phazon fusing together. this caused an explosion. The mutating power of phazon and the destructive power of x parasite completely wiped the half of a sane brain he had and augmenting his suit.

Ridley sent a viper to look for him and found him laying on the ground. They put him in the stasis tank along with the parasite to get rid of him but he was not getting weaker but getting stronger. So the space pirate put him in the program again to get his mind. Now with no memory and completely space pirate brain, they made a kind of ammo that could hold the virus. then they put the best space pirate technology in his suit. He became an radical pirate weapon completely able to be manipulated by ridley.

Only applies if character has a battle suit.
Suit Name: hunter destroyer
Suit Type:highly augmented GF trooper suit... see my avatar??
Weaponry: highly explosive blasts from cannon, missiles. gf trooper beam,(temporarily poisoning) parasite blaster
Shielding: very fast maneuver

Only applies if character has their own ship.
Ship Name:ridley apprentice ship
Ship Type:a specialized ship made by ridley that shoots x parasite blasts like his arm cannon
Weapon Systems:
Attachments:jet pack
Registered to the Name of:metroidianprime


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