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PostSubject: __Decibel__   __Decibel__ Icon_minitimeWed Oct 21, 2009 10:19 am

Player ID:metroidianprime
Character name:Decibel
Appearance:Seen only in battle suit
Known Languages:Chozo with local dialect, but through major sound technology it is translated to english or any language at that
Faction/Organization:bounty hunter
Alignment: neutral but mostly aligns with good depending on mission
Personality: cocky, smart.
Likes: his job
Equipment:a Bounty hunter suit that is almost literally a big speaker
Character History: When he was young he was always taunted by the fools of classmates he had because of his loud voice.
"BIG MOUTH BOG MOUTH." as they always called him. He was going to be with out a future because his horrible grades in school. He ended to live with his mother in an old hand-me-down house.

He was reading the news when he crossed an article about an amazing bounty hunter that destroyed a space pirate base on Zebes. Also an article about sound developments in a galactic federation Research lab on Daibon.

He stole his mother funeral savings and took a trip to Daibon and crossed the lab after three days wondering. He waited seven days in a long line to the lab.
Finally his turn to be apart of the studies. The scientists lay him on a table and asked him to speak as loud as he can. As so he did and they were amazed at his voice then they ask what is your planned future career. He replied "i want to be a bounty hunter."

"he is perfect." they said. they started to cut open his body and they put a suit that can amplify sound to a lethal amount. He did not turn into a good hunter for he murdered all of his taunting class mates but neither bad for he has done good deeds for the people but none as great as the hunter in the article, but he will always try.

Suit Name:the AMP
Suit Type:a highly researched suit that can amplify all sound.
Weaponry: There is two speakers on the chest that can , when volumed turned up, can shake the air itself and a cannon that can launch a compressed sound wave that can target one or two people at a time.

Ship Name:none
Ship Type:hunter class gunship
Weapon Systems:two lasers that are high radiation.
Attachments: another AMP of course
Registered to the Name of:Decible


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