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PostSubject: ___Taze___   ___Taze___ Icon_minitimeFri Jan 01, 2010 5:06 am

Player ID: metroidianprime
Character name: Taze
Race: slightly human Ge super solider
Age: 35
Gender: male
Height :6'11"
Weight: 217
Appearance: grotesque unexplainable face
Known Languages: can't talk but an unknown source speaks out a speaker on his shoulder
Faction/Organization: X-Over
Alignment: evil
Personality: anger
Strengths: electricity sources
Weaknesses: metal and major conductors and ranged attacks
Likes/Dislikes: nothing hates everything
Equipment: his teeth are powerful tazers
Character History: Taze was once a brave solider that was ordered to investigate a horrible illegal organization called x-over. An unknown person was able to capture him and put him through horrible genetic engineering projects that made his teeth able to act as a tazer to attack his enemies by biting them.

Only applies if character has a battle suit.
Suit Name: X-Over suit
Suit Type: X-Over suit which is made of mass quantities of lead to absorb radiation from the star x-over is near.


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