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 412th Federation Regiment (Federal Guard)

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PostSubject: 412th Federation Regiment (Federal Guard)   Sat Jan 16, 2010 8:08 am

The 412th Regiment is a large military speciaslist regiment with over 1000 recruits joining each day. The regiment welcomes humans and aliens alike who are looking for a way to serve the Galactic Federation. Jobs include: Heavy weapons specialists, Strafing run pilots and Close Combat specialists. Strangely the regiment also has rebel pirates among their number making it the most diverse of all regiments.

Founder: General Alexander Sturnn

Ranks: 1.Private
2. Corporal
3. Secondary Sargeant
4. First Class Sargeant
5. Commisar (Special Rank obtained after a certain event)
6. Lead Commisar (Only achieved after obtaining commisar rank)
7. Secondary commander
8. Lead Commander
9. General (General Alexander Sturnn)

Recruitment options are always available
Enrol at your nearest federation base
The Federation needs you for Guard duty


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412th Federation Regiment (Federal Guard)
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