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Player ID: EldritchEchoes

Character name: Sythiuss Valesyldrith

Race: Space Pirate

Age: Unknown (As I am not sure that Space Pirate life-spans are ever fully detailed, but I would say in the early thirties stage of life.)

Gender: Male

Height: 7’8”

Weight: 450 lbs.

Appearance: Sythiuss stands tall and broad, having the build of a powerful warrior. A blue-black carapace lined with glowing ice-blue veins of some sort that are especially upon the extremities decorates the majority of his exterior. His eyes burn yellow, as is traditional for most Space Pirates. Heavy scars decorate his left forearm and the right side of his face, going from the top of the forearm and curving to the wrist in a gentle “s” curve, while his eye scar is much more jagged and chaotic, tearing through the upper half of his face down to just before his mandibles. These scars are similar in appearance to the glowing substance that is visible underneath his carapace, but are raised above the normal flesh, as per a normal scar. His mandibles and claws are especially heavy and cruelly hooked, as if built for the savage rending of flesh. In spite of this, his fingers are as capable of finesse as any other Space Pirate’s. He is rarely seen out of his armor, although it shares a similar color scheme to his own chitin. An aura of billowing cold is just barely perceptible around him, although when he touches objects a visible aura of frost envelops them.

Known Languages: Space Pirate, Galactic Common (Or English, whatever suits), and Chozo Runes.

Faction/Organization: Space Pirates

Alignment: Lawful Evil. Sythiuss sticks to a strict code of personal honor, and would sooner die than break one of his own self-imposed rules. This being said, he has no compunctions with killing, torture, or theft, so long as it stays within his parameters.

Personality: As mentioned before, Sythiuss is a man of honor. He does not strike down the defenseless, nor does he attack non-combatants of any sort. He may, however, roughly move them aside, or apprehend them if they purposely attempt to get in his way. He prefers to fight one-on-one, as he sees himself as a warrior, and there is no greater test for a warrior than to fight a worthy foe face to face. Knowing his great skill, he often does not consider most fights to be fair unless multiple foes face him at once. He does not do this out of arrogance, but rather confidence in his skill, strength, and training.

Sythiuss does not dishonor a surrender, and if his foe concedes to defeat, he accepts it. In return, when he knows a fight is not going well, and it would serve his causes better to live rather than die fighting, he will properly surrender, and either agree to his foes terms if they seem honorable, or flee the scene if they try to betray his trust. In battle, however, he fights mercilessly and with great skill, giving no quarter, and expecting none in return. He makes the best use of tactics as possible, and when cases call for it, he may ambush his foes, although he prefers to call opponents out whenever he can.

Sythiuss is an extremely intelligent and learned man, but is cold, cruel, and reserved. He does not speak unless it is absolutely necessary. When he does speak, however, he uses astute, but not overly complex or flowery wording in his statements. He gives no mercy to cowards or traitors, be they “friend” or foe.

Otherwise, Sythiuss views his cause as furthering genetic perfection, from which the Universe may reap the benefits. He grieves that many allow their perceived moralities effect their judgments so greatly, and earnestly believes that he is doing what needs to be done in order to advance the Universe as a whole. He does not hesitate to cut down anyone who fights for a cause that would interfere with what he perceives as the goals of his people, and rarely tolerates the ignorance of others for long.

In spite of his conviction and his cold exterior, Sythiuss always seems to speak with a slight tone of sorrow. Somewhere within him, he does not fully believe in what he speaks of, and a great amount of loss and anger drives his actions.

Strengths: Extremely strong, rather fast, and quite intelligent, Sythiuss is a deadly combatant in melee and ranged combat, although with considerably more focus on melee. His hand-to-hand blows are more than capable of killing armoured foes, let alone with his energy scythe. His scholar-warrior disposition drives him to learn as much as he can about every subject, believing that somehow it will continue to improve him. He has a seemingly endless tolerance for cold, and cold-based weaponry is completely ineffective against him. He is also immune to the harmful (physical) effects of Phazon radiation (although he can still be mutated by it), and is somewhat resistant to other forms of radiation.

Weaknesses: His adherence to a strict code of honor can be used to take advantage of him, as taking innocents as hostages will cause him to take pause as he attempts to consider any possible way to prevent unnecessary death. In high-heat environments, he is considerably more sluggish, and if in such areas for too long without protection (normally provided by his suit), he will die. Even with the suit, he still suffers from sluggishness, although his great strength is unaffected. Heat-based weaponry (Such as the Plasma Beam) is very effective against him. Explosions do not effect him any more harshly than usual, as the heat is usually not concentrated enough to take advantage of his mutation, whose coldness often nullifies the general heat.

Although he prides himself on his loyalty, pain from his past has made him embittered towards his brethren as well as humans, and with enough convincing he could be made to abandon his allegiance with his kind and their conquest. This does not mean, however, that he would utterly abandon what he believes to be the “spirit” of the Space Pirate’s quest.

Likes/Dislikes: Sythiuss has an interest in ancient history, especially that concerning the Chozo. He thrills in combat, seeing it as an art in itself. He also finds a serene peacefulness in the sea, the stars, and the bitter cold of the tundra. He is not fond of any area that is above one hundred degrees Fahrenheit, nor is he fond of overly bright lights. He cannot stand traitors or those who carry no honor with themselves, and it takes a great deal of mental effort to restrain himself from attacking such people. While he claims to believe wholeheartedly in the goals of his people, he secretly harbors resentment for them for what they attempted to force him to do. He tends to dislike most people initially, analyzing their flaws, and believing that they are doing the same to him. He also dislikes arrogance and boastfulness, the latter he feels shows just how weak of a warrior the boaster is.

Other: Sythiuss does not make a habit of discussing his past, or discussing anything really personal. Most inquiries into his deeper nature are met with curt rebuttals. He does, however, seem a bit gentler on women, often dropping tiny little bits of information here and there, but never the full story.

Equipment: Sythiuss is armed to the teeth with both weaponry and useful gadgetry that allows him to better take advantage of his environment. Being a high-ranking member in his crew (on top of being an interesting anomaly), he is given access to a good deal of high-end weapons and armor. His weaponry runs as thus:

High-Power Retractable Cryogenic Arm Cannon: Mounted to the top of his right forearm, this operates somewhat similarly to the Chozo-crafted Ice Beam, expertly reverse engineered using previous Ice Pirate technology, and crafted with a level of biotechnology that allows it to draw much of the needed dampened energy directly from the cold that Sythiuss’ body produces. Unlike the Chozo Ice Beam, the arm cannon has several different firing options. Primarily, it fires a continuous stream of ice and energy, rather than slow blasts, that can quickly kill just about any unprotected creature in mere moments. Being ice, it also can damage and interfere with mechanical armor and weaponry with equal ease. It also has the option of charging energy in order to launch a powerful, high-impact blast of solid ice and energy, more than able to blast through Cordite, Bendezium, and similarly durable material at maximum output. The final form of fire is to add his innate Phazon corruption to the beam, creating something similar to the Phazon beam. However, this mode of fire is extremely physically draining to him, and can result in death, so it is used very sparingly. The device itself looks similar to the Ice Pirates’, albeit more complicated and keeping with his own color scheme. It can be pulled internally to allow him to make use of his right energy scythe.

Dual Energy Scythes: These powerful violet-blue blades are produced from his left and right wrists, and are perhaps the most used weapons in his arsenal. He is extremely well-trained in their use, and moves with both grace and power when using them, as if they were merely extensions of his body. Perhaps that is partially the truth, for these cold-based, Phazon-imbued blades are also made so by his own innate physiology, with some technological assistance. They are capable of rending through flesh and armor with equal ease, and with effort, he can channel cold and Phazon radiation from his body to launch blasts from them with sweeping motions. These blasts are quick-moving, but not as damaging as the blades themselves, and the Phazon dissipates enough so that the radiation merely causes harm, but does not risk infecting the target. The blades themselves are capable of cutting through just about any known alloy, but are still prevented from causing maximum damage to properly shielded foes.

Shoulder-Mounted Missile Launchers: Just like they sound like, these missile-launchers send standard homing ballistics rocketing towards their intended target, creating a cluster of explosions and sending forth harmful shrapnel on contact with the target. The missiles are quick-moving, but someone who is fleet of foot can easily avoid the missiles, and good, quick shots may be able to shoot them down from mid-air.

Ice/Phazon Blast: While not technically part of his equipment, if somehow he is unable to use any of his weaponry, whether due to their destruction or malfunction, Sythiuss can form orbs of pure cold or Phazon radiation, and launch them at his foes. He can also shape such blasts into cones, lines, or any other consistent shape he desires. He can launch ice this way indefinitely, and it has the approximate lethality of a fully grown Sheegoth’s own cryogenic blasts. Phazon can technically be launched indefinitely, but once he reaches a certain threshold (approximately five or six orbs in a short period of time, a short period ranging anywhere from twenty seconds to two minutes), it begins to cause considerable damage to his various vital systems, and so they are used sparingly. Even then, these are only used when he is completely without a way to defend himself at a distance.

Sheegoth’s Fangs: These Phazon-ore grappling hooks are sheathed in jagged ice, and mounted just above his chest on both sides. Their primary purpose is to drag fleeing opponents or incredibly swift opponents into melee range, and hold them there. They can cause relatively painful wounds, but their main strength is their ability to pierce into armor, and become difficult to remove once they grasp something. These can also be used to traverse difficult terrain, when the situation calls for them. Even in higher temperatures, the ice stays frozen upon the Sheegoth’s Fangs.

Contact Radio: This high-frequency communication device is not merely limited to receiving radio waves, but is merely called such for convenience. This minuscule device, located within his helmet, allows him to keep in constant contact with High Command, and allows him to pick up on other transmissions in the area, if he is vigilant.

Multi-Visual Visor-Space Pirates are able to see quite well in the dark, but more enhancement could never hurt. His helmet’s visor allows him to view virtually any type of light in the spectrum, and constantly keeps him updated on the status of his suit, his biological readings, and other important information.

Character History: Sythiuss, like many other Space Pirates, started at the bottom, and had to claw his way to where he is today. Unlike many, who resort to intrigue, double-crossing, and other such underhanded tactics to elevate themselves into a higher position, Sythiuss was one of the few who managed to do so on raw skill, for the most part. The way command functions simply makes it difficult for one to advance on raw power, and so, a keen intellect was also needed for Sythiuss to divert attempts on his life to further each Space Pirate’s own selfish, personal goals. He had proven himself competent and loyal in many missions, consistently achieving stellar results. He heard much of Samus, the legendary Bounty Hunter who tore through cadres of Space Pirates as if they were mere insects, sparking his obsession with Chozo Lore, due to her use of Chozo technology. While he longed to cross blades with the legendary Hunter, his assignments always took him away from her direct path.

During an attack on a Galactic Federation freighter, Sythiuss took a female crew-member hostage in order to draw attention away from his comrades, who sabotaged the ship’s main engine, while others gathered all of the valuable cargo. He managed to save her from the imminent destruction of the freighter when its main power core was made to melt down, annihilating all who resided within, leaving no trace of the Space Pirate’s passing.

He tended to the prisoner personally, for the first time in his life, horrified by the death toll. Her hatred for him, her reaction to even seeing him, it brought forth doubt in his heart. He was resigned to the thought that nothing he could do would make the crew-member become more amiable towards him, but the strength of her bonds with her fallen comrades drew him closer. He found himself to be quite similar to the human, and with time, managed to change her hatred to a grudging respect. His attraction turned into a bond as strong as any he had with his fellow comrades, and for a brief moment, he almost considered human beings to be equal to his kind.

He became torn, repulsed by what he perceived as his disloyalty, but drawn to the prisoner by his love for her. High Command saw the quality of his work begin to slip, and investigated the matter more closely. They ordered the prisoner executed, and he was the one to deliver the strike that ended her life. It was the choice he had to make, love or loyalty.

The squad overseeing him became impatient with his deliberation, and moved to strike at her personally, if Sythiuss himself was staying his blade for this long. Without any hesitation, he moved to defend her, not only out of concern for her life, but for his honor. He was appointed the task, and he was to be the one who carried it out, no one else. The combat that followed drew further and further away from the holding cells, as he slowly lead his prisoner to an escape pod. He promised to find her later to execute his sentence, sending her to a nearby hospitable planet.

The combat continued as more of his brethren joined the fray. He was corned into one of the many chambers where the Space Pirate’s new weapons were tested. A stray shot caused a container of irradiated cryogenic liquid to spill over his body, mutating and warping him. Temporarily overcome by Phazon Madness, he butchered his comrades, no longer concerned with merely defending himself. He subsequently annihilated the ship, engaging the self-destruct sequence as he dragged his barely-living body from the frigate, and escaped into the Endless Void of Space. He sent out a distress signal, and was picked up by High Command.

He told no lie, save for how the prisoner was handled. He implied her death, but never spoke directly of it. He told them of his comrades’ betrayal, how they attempted to perform the task that High Command had given unto him, and with some convincing, they accepted his story. The loss of one frigate, in the long run, was meaningless. Copies of the data produced was constantly sent to High Command, the destruction of a few experiments were necessary, if they produced results like him.

He soon became their pet experiment, where they continued to introduce more and more Phazon into his body, and by the force of his will alone was he able to hold onto the scraps of his sanity. He was given the suit he wears today, along with a full set of weaponry that worked with his innate mutations, and once again, was allowed fully back into the fold. Due to his transformation, he still feverishly believed that their goal of genetic perfection was an attainable one. He had sacrificed all that he could for his prisoner, and vowed to never be so foolish as to care for a human again. While the human had made his transformation possible, it was just as likely that the human would have ruined all that he had worked so hard to achieve. Sythiuss repressed his resentment of High Command, and repressed the friendship he had come to know, and readopted his attitude of human inferiority, and the eventual genetic glory of his race.

Suit Name: Frozen Tomb MK III
Suit Type: Life Support and Combat Hybrid. His own mutated carapace already provides a good deal of protection against most weaponry, and the suit furthers this protection. It has minor defenses against weaker heat-based weaponry, but otherwise, it is impossible to integrate full heat-protection due to his biological make-up rejecting it.
Weaponry: All of those listed under “Equipment” as being attached to something, as well as augments to his already incredible strength. These augments put his strength even with an Elite Pirate’s, and if somehow these augments are disabled, his strength is still far greater than that of his regular, non-mutated brethren.
Shielding: Phazite reinforced with his own mutated carapace.

Ship Name: Retribution
Ship Type: Armored Gunner aka “Flying Tank”
Weapon Systems: 1x Heavy Plasma Cannon, 4x 360 Degree Defensive Plasma Turrets, 2x Cryogenic Blasters, 2x 8-pod, self-reloading Heavy Missile Launchers, 4x Phazite Ramming Blades, and 1x Reverse Fission Bomb Bay.
Attachments: Self-Recharging Shield Generator, Extra Phazite Platting, Heavy Duty Landing Gear.
Registered to the Name of: Commander Sythiuss Valesyldrith

Alt Form Name: Phazon Overload
Description: If Sythiuss somehow becomes submerged into a large amount of Phazon, his body will naturally absorb it. If too much is absorbed, it mutates him horribly, doubling his size, strength, and sheer power. He takes on an appearance a bit more similar to an Elite Pirate, albeit still retaining his insectile face and distinctive Phazon “veins”, although his eyes turn into a burning blue, due to the Phazon. His suit adapts to fit this new form, so he is not in danger of being unable to survive in his environment. The cold around him becomes so strong that the area around him is covered in a thick layer of ice, and living creatures can quickly die of exposure, not just from the cold, but from the pure Phazon he radiates.
Abilities/Weapons: On top of having the strength of an Omega Pirate, Sythiuss’ weapon systems, being mostly biologically based, increase in potency as well. He becomes capable of causing massive destruction by sending forth shockwaves of pure cold and Phazon, and launching powerful beams of the same substance from a node growing upon his chest. He becomes very resistant to even the most powerful of assaults, making everything but the fleshy, newly-grown node invulnerable to most known weaponry, even heat-based weapons. The node itself is still resistant to blows, but still retains his fatal flaw of weakness to heat-based weaponry. Therefore, he makes an effort to keep it defended, but this lowers his destructive capabilities, as he puts more energy towards defending his weak-spot rather than fighting. He does not draw attention to the node unless he is actually harmed. During Phazon Overload, Sythiuss is temporarily overcome by a bestial version of Phazon Madness. He is no less intelligent than he was previously, but is more easily provoked into anger, making him focus less on defense, and more on offense. When angry, he also tends to use the node to attack any creature not within range of his claws or scythes, and thusly, draws attention to it inadvertently.


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