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 Charra Veneceil

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PostSubject: Charra Veneceil   Charra Veneceil Icon_minitimeSun Jan 17, 2010 4:14 am

Player ID: metroidianprime
Character name: Charra
Race: Human
Age: unknown due to cloning
Gender: female
Height: 5'11'
Weight: 215
Appearance: Her face is slim, she wears a dress that has a dragon like pattern that is tied by a blue sash where her only weapon, the spar, is held. Her hair is black and slick that justifies a pair of blue eyes. across her a scar that stretches cheek to cheek and crossing her nose has the pattern of the outer layer of a planet that shows devastating detail.
Known Languages: English
Faction/Organization: mostly apart of galactic federation
Alignment: most of the time she is good but the sight of Samus will make her do evil
Personality: Very serious but at times is not afraid to crack a joke, Always over confident and isn't afraid to risk her life to make the first strike.
Strengths: She can tell when someone plans to fire
Weaknesses: has no armor or protection
Dislikes: Samus
Equipment: The spar a weapon that is almost like a toy, it is held like a sword with no edges, it is cylinder like and very blunt though can sometimes absorb projectiles
Character History: It was a dark night. The Veneceil family was close to the greatest breakthrough in cloning technology. She was once a scientist that worked with her dad in a cloning facility. "Dad, what's that." She pointed to a blimp on a map that was projected on a screen "It's nothing, look at this over here." he pointed towards a DNA picture on the other screen. He very well knew the blimp she pointed at meant someone was attacking but he payed no attention.

Samus was just outside the cloning facility, Space pirates were there to steal some information from the facility. She fired at the pirates attempting to stop them but they got in. Charra heard an explosion coming from the east side of the building. Charra got scared and started to get up but her dad quickly grabbed her arm and placed her hand on a scanner. Charra screams at the pain.

Samus at this point was too late... the whole place exploded. She started to walk inside. Charra almost dead sees her, screams of the rest of her family echoed in her ear. Samus walked through the fire and started to shoot at pirates out of Charra's view, this made her think that Samus killed them all. That Samus was bloodthirsty and needed to be stopped.

Charra was cloned at the other side of the planet at a rival cloning facility. Charra gathered all that she could a dress, the spar, a sash. She killed the people of the facility. She then took a knife and drew on her face a sign that reminded her of her main mission... to kill samus.


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Charra Veneceil
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