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 Rebel Pirate Clanz (an apollo Waaaaagh!)

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Rebel Pirate Clanz (an apollo Waaaaagh!) Empty
PostSubject: Rebel Pirate Clanz (an apollo Waaaaagh!)   Rebel Pirate Clanz (an apollo Waaaaagh!) Icon_minitimeSun Jan 17, 2010 5:02 am

Apollo landed on Arcterra and looked around "Ha ha ha ha Now dis iz perfect, an ice cold planet fer my ice cold attatude, but iz not here for the scenery" laughed Apollo. "den what iz we doing here den" Replied one of the elite pirates of his team. "Iz already told ya dat ya ridley suckup, we'ze here cuz I recieved word of a Humie base not far from our pozition and dat means iz get more heads for me pointy stick but da only problem iz that we'ze don't have enough boyz to get the job done, But dat will change because i also heard dat rebel pirates have set up their own clanz so we were sent here to find dem and bring under one banna mainly MINE! dat way i getz me a waaaagh! and not have to kill every single rebel around ta do it. got all dat". "yes boss, you sure iz smart boss" replied a second elite. "Now den for a start we'ze take over da first clan in front of us, Now dis is a strange one as dis clan has no banna which mainly means deyz got dere own leader and leader plus me equals me first head trophy, Dis will be fun".
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Rebel Pirate Clanz (an apollo Waaaaagh!)
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