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 Tallon Overworld, a peaceful paradise.

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Cerent Riholara

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Tallon Overworld, a peaceful paradise. Empty
PostSubject: Tallon Overworld, a peaceful paradise.   Tallon Overworld, a peaceful paradise. Icon_minitimeWed Mar 03, 2010 9:09 am

In the vastness of space, many star systems dot the universe. Most plagued with war, others spared from it's spreading disease. However, some of the planets stuck in the middle of the misfortune that was war wasn't bothered at all. Planets like Tallon IV. Atleast from an outsiders view anyways. Only a few know of the darker secrets of this planet.

Just on the outside of the orbiting range of Tallon IV, a silver ship warps out from a wormhole. It's sleek form looking like it glided on the invisible winds of space. Moments after its exit, the wormhole closed in on itself, disappearing from existence forever. The ship came to a stop, entering the planets orbiting range and floating along the gravitational pull. Occasionally the ship would move to avoid collision with a piece of space debris or a small meteor.

"Wormhole transfer complete. Awaiting further command." The ships feminine voice sounded throughout the cockpit, letting the pilot know that his travels were nearly complete. A naked hand sat upon the right armrest of the seat, finger tips drumming quietly on the surface. That handed of course was connected to an arm, which was connected to a complete body, clothed in a black, skin tight outfit that resembled that of a short sleeved wetsuit. His left arm had a type of gauntlet wrapped about it, starting from the elbow to the hand, leaving the fingers exposed. Silver eyes, barely cloaked by silver locks of hair, peered out the cockpit window and past the many holograms of information the ship was obtaining about the planet from its data banks. Taking in the breath taking scene of the planet. "Planet Identified. Tallon IV. Atmosphere contains 25 percent oxygen." The voice spoke out again, and instantly a smile played across the mans lips.

"That makes it more than enough to be breathable." He tapped on a few holographic keys before him before taking the steering controls of the ship. A loud hum came into the cockpit, and the ship shot forward towards the planets atmosphere, rolling in every direction the man wanted it to go. After entry, he slowed down considerably and took note of a small caution window that came up. He tapped on the hologram, and watched as it stretched out before him. Showing him a vague picture of what looked to be mines. "Hm. Not a good landing site." He accelrated the ships speed again, and within thirty minutes a green hologram popped up. Upon tapping this one, a picture of a small area that looked suitable enough for landing. A waterfall feeding a pond to the southeast, which house a alcove hidden by the falling water. Several tall ledges dotted the area around a flat spot. The final thing that added to the beauty was the vegetation.

The man chuckled to himself, excitement bubbling over as he pulled the controls towards him and then pushed them to the right. The ship rolling over and going into a slow dive towards this landing spot. He straightened the ship out as he lined himself over the landing spot, and slowly had the ship start its descent to the ground. Three thrusters suddenly appeared from the bottom of the ship, and blasted their flames to the ground, slowing the ship down completely until it remained at a hover at a constant distance of five feet from the ground. The man quickly leaped from his seat, dashing out of the cockpit and raced down the metallic hallway of the ship. Blazing by several doors as he made his way to the elevator that would lead to the outside world. He brought up his left hand, tapping a few buttons on the gauntlet he wore, and in a shining blue light a suit materialized around his body. Once completed the helmet rolled back from his face completely, leaving his head out in the complete open.

Boarding the elevator, the man quickly tapped another button where the gauntlet was at. The door closed, and up went the elevator, with a shaft opening quickly as he rose from the ships corridors. He smiled as he felt the fresh air rush in through his nostrils, the drops of rain plop onto his head, and the soft cool wind kiss at his face. He looked over the area around him, taking in the breath taking scenery before leaping off from the top of his ship. He landed with a light thud on the ground, crouching slightly from the impact but standing straight up quickly. He brought up his left hand before him again and punched in a few buttons. The suit beeped at him, and then suddenly a blue energy barrier covered over the computer keys completely. His ship going into a type of lockdown where only he would only be allowed to enter it, only attacking those who touched the exterior surface.

"All right. Let's see what this planet has in store."
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Tallon Overworld, a peaceful paradise. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tallon Overworld, a peaceful paradise.   Tallon Overworld, a peaceful paradise. Icon_minitimeWed Nov 17, 2010 10:35 am

Brutus steered his ship past the meteor storm. "Whew..." he muttered, as his ship announced that he had wound up at Tallon IV. "Hmmm... may as well check it out." he muttered. He quickly made his way to the surface, landing a few hundred yards away from the Impact Crater. "Well, well, looks like a nice enough planet... maybe I can find a few powerups here... I do need them." Brutus muttered to himself. After checking the planets atmosphere, he emerged from his ship. He then moseyed around, taking in all of the lush vegitation. He eventually made it to a particular spot. In that particular spot, he saw another ship. "Hmmm... looks like I'm not the only person visiting, eh?" Brutus asked, deciding to continue his search. He paused, however, out of instinct. "The owner must be around here..." he muttered again. That's when he heard the sound of buttons being pressed. "Well, well, welcome to Tallon IV, stranger..." Brutus muttered.
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Tallon Overworld, a peaceful paradise.
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