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 Jill Valentine

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PostSubject: Jill Valentine   Jill Valentine Icon_minitimeSun May 09, 2010 2:52 pm

Player ID: EpicToaster360R
Character name: Jill Valentine

Race: Human

Age: 14 as of Freezing/Unfrozen/First Picture
18 as of Santego Military Base event
20 as of Bounty Hunter/Second Picture
24 as of The "Grey Fox" Project
25 as of Completion and success of the "Grey Fox" Project
26 as of Murder of Adrian Shepard/"Grey Fox"

Gender: Female


5'7 at 14
5'11 at 20


100 at 14
120 at 20


Jill Valentine Haruhi3

Jill Valentine Stay_Frosty_by_Shimmering_Sword

Known Languages: All Earth spoken languages


None at 14
Bounty Hunter at 20
Labeled a "Traitor of the Galactic Federation" and "A no good filthy rebel" at 24

Alignment: Neutral

Strengths: Great Charisma/Very Resistant To Extrema Colds

Weaknesses: Very Weak To Heat

Likes/Dislikes: Warmth/Extrema Colds

Equipment: N.V.G, 2 Flash Bangs, 2 Plasma Grenades, A Modification To The "Zero Suit" Giving The User Slightly More Protection At The Cost Of All Fire Protection,
A heavily modified version of the pistol used by zero suit samus giving it ice beam and spazer (or what ever its called from super metroid) at the cost of the ability of the pistol becoming a sword,
A Custom Built Arm Cannon with the ice beam and charging abilities,
A Company Built Arm Enhancement That Allows The User The Ability To Lift Things Twice There Weight On Top Of What They Could Already Lift Before.
A Clocking Device That Gives The User Invisibly When Standing Still. When Moving The Clocking Device Starts To Encounter Errors And Makes The User Only Slightly Less Invisabale (Is That How Its Spelled?)

Character History: is explained in this (link below) thread along with the history's of Adrian Shepard, Kit, Samuel Redford, Meryl Silverburgh, and the 360th Rebelion

(no suit)

Ship Name: The Voyager
Ship Type: Model Number AC130
Weapon Systems: Equipped With 2 Nuclear Powered IRBM Missiles, 100 Anti-Ship Missiles, 200 Hellfire missiles, and 2 1002mm Cannons Firing Explosive Rounds
Attachments: Life Support Systems, Stealth Systems, Custom Built Dark Madder Engine, Specially Made Engine Cooling systems, 4 heavily modified thrusters, hydraulics, Spinning Rims, And A Kick Ass Paint Job
Registered to the Name of: Jill Valentine


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Jill Valentine
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