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 Lillian Greenfield

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PostSubject: Lillian Greenfield   Lillian Greenfield Icon_minitimeTue May 11, 2010 3:52 am

Player ID: Rildok
Character name: Lillian Greenfield
Race: Human
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 140 lb.
Lillian Greenfield 81314b3deb00e4478e64d8b8245d6e34
Known Languages: English and Japanese
Faction/Organization: Bounty Hunters
Alignment: Good
Personality: shy, strong willed
Strengths: mid to close range combat
Weaknesses: long range combat
Likes/Dislikes: the federation, killing pirates, the Kilepura Hunters (mainly Hiraito)/pirates, federation loses
Other: has a male cat named Dooley
Character History: Lillian had a fairly decent life living with her parents. They were scientists that worked on different kinds federation weapons technology. They made advanced designs for battle suits and beam based weapons similar to the chozo. Then tragedy struck. At the age of 18 the cruiser they were working on was attacked by pirates. In the attack, her parents were killed by the hands of the pirates. But then hope shined upon them when the Kilepura Hunters came in and fought off the pirates. She was personally saved by Hiraito who blasted multiple pirates that were surrounding her. After the battle she found out that her parents were no more and she vowed to avenge them as best she can. So she picked up on her parents research and made her own custom battle suit. She then made another battle suit, but a larger model that could travel through space, with some help through family connections, that had custom made weapons. She then started a bounty hunting career soon after she turned 19.

Suit Name: ZCBS1429
Suit Type: Custom designed battle suit
-> Nova beam assault riffle with charging capabilities
-> Grenade attachment to the assault rifle with incendiary, frag, ice or plasma grenades
-> 2 energy swords
-> Advanced basic shielding
-> Hazard shielding
-> Heavy plating giving extra protection
-> Strength accelerator granting her more strength for mobility
-> Back mounted thrusters to enable flight
-> Grenade dispenser with incendiary, frag, ice, plasma, flashbang, smoke or stun grenades
Lillian Greenfield 6ed6968bc46614bc325a77254930090e

Ship Name: Abolisher
Ship Type: Highly mechanized battle suit
Weapon Systems:
-> Tri-energy blade shield
-> Nova beam assault rifle with charging capabilities
-> Lock-on missiles
-> Rear mounted heavy laser cannons
Registered to the Name of: Lillian Greenfield
Lillian Greenfield 1fe82e84578d10760d6d4cca9fa27fc3


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Lillian Greenfield
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