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PostSubject: Doak   Doak Icon_minitimeTue May 18, 2010 6:38 am

Log 1453.12.09

Concerning Humanoid slave #1362, aka “The Human” aka “Doak”

It has come to my attention that there are concerns about the activities of slave #1362, specifically the security risks it poses should #1362 prove to be rebellious.

These fears are groundless. #1362’s loyalty is absolute. Furthermore, it is voluntary.

In the time that #1362 has been assigned to the Agon base, my command, the human has declined an open opportunity to defect to the Federation, resulting in the demise of several GF troopers. I’m sure that such actions seem illogical to the High Command, but when #1362’s history is taken into account, they will make sense.

Said history began before the establishment of the Agon base. #1362 was initially captured in a supply raid on the human colony on the fifth planet of the star #59402.IV He was only fifteen cycles old then. His life before that, according to him, was a miserable one. He did not know who his biological parents were, but he managed to scrape together a meager living by doing odd jobs and begging. He desired to become a mechanic of some sort, and had an aptitude for such work. However, he could not afford a formal education, and his fellow humans did little to help him.

When captured, he was integrated into the slave pool along with the other captives, and was assigned to my base. Initially, I put him with the excavation and mining teams. He did not seem to overly resent his enslavement, but rather appreciated a sure source of food and shelter, a marked improvement over his previous situation. He proved to be an adequate laborer, who did not attempt any form of conscious rebellion, nor even show any signs of resentment. However, he did have a tendency to stop and investigate various devices and tools. On occasion he was even caught rooting through the scrap supply. While these tendencies may have caused his overseers some annoyances, this was offset by his initiative. Several times he repaired broken items and tools that he was using, while most other slaves would use the opportunity to abandon their tasks. Furthermore, little corrective action was required to get him to return to his tasks when he had become distracted.

This continued for a period of time, until just after the first GF raid. As you know, the raid was beaten back successfully with 100% elimination of the GF strike force. However, the base incurred a moderate amount of damage which demanded the attention of many of our technicians. The technician on duty in the mine was recalled to assist these repairs. Coincidentally, the mine’s sole heavy lifter unit broke down.

The overseer called to base several times to request the help of a technician, but none could be spared. After the fifth call, the overseer stopped. When one of the technicians was sent half a cycle later, he soon reported that the heavy lifter unit was operational again, but repaired in a rather unorthodox way, utilizing parts pulled from the scrap supply and from completely unrelated machinery. It was soon learned that the exasperated overseer had called #1362 to the heavy lifter unit. #1362, given his interest in machinery and repairs, had been only too happy to fix the lifter, albeit in his own fashion.

Slowly, #1362 became the technician for the mine in all but name. Eventually, the technician for the mine was assigned elsewhere, and was sent back only in the most dire of situations. Furthermore, equipment orders for the mine dropped by 41%, as #1362 proved adept at repairing broken items, utilizing scrapped components, and even constructing new items from scrap. His “jury-rigging,” as he termed it, may occasionally be of unpredictable quality, but more often than not proved surprisingly reliable. He soon gained a reputation for being able to extract use from the most corroded, broken, or damaged items.

#1362 enthusiasm and willingness to work was baffling at first. For a long time he was suspected of gathering items for the construction of weaponry, yet all searches turned up nothing. The overseer assured me that he was observed constantly, and was not allowed to take anything out of the machine shop. He had a security drone with him at all times, one that he had not accessed or repaired in any way. The overseer even spoke to the human on one occasion and asked him about his work. The human stated that this sort of work was what he had always wanted to do, but couldn’t before his enslavement.

His activities soon caught the attention of the 5M.T421, the head technician and fifth in command of the base. 5M came to me with the proposal of bringing #1362 to the base to aid in the repairs. He had argued that there was a remarkable potential in this human that was being wasted on heavy lifters and mining lasers. Furthermore, the other slaves were beginning to resent #1362. It was a matter of record that they tried (unsuccessfully) to convince him to smuggle them equipment. 5M wanted to bring him out before he came to harm. At the time, I thought it was against my better judgment, but I allowed it.

I had tested his loyalty first. I arranged a coincidence for him. While he was unmonitored, and his drone was undergoing repairs, I had a defective energy pistol placed in his path. Said pistol also had tracking and recoding equipment hidden in it. To my surprise, but M5’s delight, he didn’t touch it, but summoned a nearby guard to report it. Granted, one such instance isn’t sufficient, but I also learned of an undocumented incident where a similar occurrence had happened. A guard had left a plasma rifle leaning against the wall while he went to use the latrine. #1362 had happened upon it and went to get a guard. The overseer had disciplined the guard, but neglected to file a report. Naturally, the overseer was grateful, but #1362’s fellow slaves were angered.

I conducted further tests of loyalty, but I went ahead and transferred #1362 to the main Agon base and assigned him to M5. He was still monitored by the security drone at every moment. The reaction among the personnel was varied. The technicians were intrigued by this human. It did not take long for #1362’s enthusiasm and obvious skill (and his knack for reaching spots the technicians themselves could not) to win them over. They took to calling him “Doak” (The space pirate word for 'human' but in the singular, respected tense.) and bringing him junk and scrap to see if he could do anything with it.

The security and soldiers, and to a lesser extent, command, mistrusted him. Security particularly disliked him and considered him to be a threat. They made absolutely sure to watch the human every moment and looked very hard for signs rebellion or disloyalty. They were so determined to discredit the human that they began neglecting their duties because of their activities. However, 5M and the constant presence of the security drone served to keep them from dispatching him against orders.

That is correct. I did order that #1362 was to be unharmed. He was useful.

He was skilled in repair, that was obvious. He could keep even the most broken down machinery running far past it’s operational lifetime. Additionally, he has taken to tinkering to create new devices. He does this during his off hours, sometimes even into his sleep cycle, working on new devices for the base while most humans would be resting or plotting against us. Despite this, Security kept demanding that I rescind my order and allow them to get rid of the human.

The conflict between Security and the human came to an end with the second GF raid on the base. Despite our efforts to conceal our presence, the GF found our base and attacked in force. Our defenses were breached and the GF entered the base with the intent of killing all they could find. Most of the technicians, not bred or trained for combat, fled and barred themselves in the repair bay. #1362 was with them. Those who could not make it were killed. However, it did not take long for a squad of GF troopers to break in.

They were surprised to find only a human there. They offered to take him back to Earth with them. It was their assumption that he would jump at the chance, and they let their guard down. But #1362 had seen them gun down some of the technicians, whom he considered friends. #1362 didn’t answer but simply ran to one of his devices, an exosuit of some kind. As he was working with it, one of the troopers found where the technicians were hiding. Before he could get off a shot, he was burned down by a burst of plasma. #1362 had actually built a crude suit of aerotrooper armor for himself. #1362 eliminated three more before they reacted. They fired back, but their bullets curved out of the way, thanks to another one of the human’s devices: a powerful magnetic field. #1362 proceeded to destroy the rest of the squad. Without a doubt he saved the lives of the Technicians in the repair bay.

But he didn’t stop there. He joined with a group of the technicians in leading a surprise counter attack against the GF troopers. They were armed with little more than patched together weapons and welding lasers, but their ferocity was the match of any soldier. In the attack, #1362 saved the life of the master of security 3M.S4290.

The counter attack fought the troopers to a standstill, gaining enough time for reinforcements to arrive and finish off the GF troopers. Much damage was done, but thanks to the stout resistance by the technicians, and #1362’s armor, we were able to hold the base. From that point on, security was much more muted in their protest of the human’s presence. Eventually they stopped altogether. #1362 had been investigated thoroughly, and had done nothing to aid the troopers. Coincidentally, he also earned the amusement, and perhaps a small amount of respect, of the Aerotrooper corps as well, with his cobbled together suit of aerotrooper armor.

From that point on, thanks to both M5’s and M3’s acceptance, #1362, or Doak, was more or less accepted in the base. The security drone continued to monitor him, but this was largely a formality. The technicians consider him like a pet, or even one of their own as much as a human could be. He was granted clearance by 5M to all non-secret repair and maintenance areas, and worked alongside the other Technicians. Doak proved to possess an interesting turn of thought in his tinkering, and served to inspire the technicians in their work. They also took an interest into the devices he was inventing, including his aerotrooper armor and magnetic shield. Per regulations, I had a control beacon installed in his armor, yet I granted him permission to continue work on it. I suspect that the technicians are helping him adjust and refine it.

Doak himself went to lengths to blend in, or at least make his presence less obtrusive. He bathes with special chemicals designed to hide and reduce his odor, which some find offensive. He learned to eat standard rations, with nutritional supplements to stave off malnutrition. He adopted our 27 hour day pattern, in contrast to his own species natural sleep pattern. He learned to speak our language fluently (and yet retains mastery of GF basic, and can explain what their confusing sayings mean). Doak even learned how to use the power latrines within the base.

Since then, matters continued in this fashion. Despite his acceptance, I made sure that he kept out of classified areas, but Doak was granted basic-level clearance to all areas of the base. Many times, his presence was requested by various personnel when his skill with salvage and repair was required. I myself have done so on one occasion, when my holographic assembly broke down and no technician was available.

This was my first opportunity to observe the human at length. He was respectful to me, in his own informal fashion, but he has a rather unusual personality. As he worked, he attempted to converse with me. On several occasions he made humorous remarks. Strangest of all, as he finished his repairs on the assembly, he thanked me for letting him stay on base and work on the equipment.

I stopped him from leaving and asked him to clarify this last statement. Doak explained to me that working with this sort of equipment and inventing devices like his aerotrooper armor is something he wanted to do all his life. He told me about the life he had led before his capture, and that he considered his enslavement an improvement. He called it an ‘opportunity’, and the work demanded of him a ‘fair price’. Not only that, he viewed his transfer to the base as a rescue of sorts, Doak explained that the other slaves were hostile to him. He had feared violence on their part, due to his unwillingness to smuggle them equipment to use in opposing us. Despite his alien emotions, I could see that he was expressing genuine gratitude.

In conclusion, I urge High Command to forego the usual processing of humans in the case of Doak. The human is unique. He is a useful ally and a loyal supporter of the High Command’s mandates, and as vicious in his hatred for the GF as any one of us. We would be wasting valuable potential if Doak was treated like any other slave. I personally will vouch for him, and retain command of him.

Player ID: Fortis
Character name: Doak, Aka Humanoid slave #1362
Race: Human
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Male
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 150
Appearance: Doak is a rather lean man, with a thin build. He has short, scruffy hair, lightly tanned skin, and blue eyes. He keeps his face clean shaven. He bears a few scattered small scars from his time as a slave, or from getting scratched by his own machinery. Generally, he favors functional work pants with lots of pockets, plain shirts (often oil stained,) rugged boots, and a belt. The belt has a myriad of high tech tools hanging from it. He also constantly has a pair of goggles on his head.

Known Languages: Space pirate, common.

Faction/Organization: Space pirates.

Alignment: Neutral, though he bitterly hates the GF

Personality: Doak, overall, is fairly outgoing and enthusiastic. He’s quick with conversation and a joke or two, even while working, and always appreciates company. Even, or rather, space pirate company. Despite his chatty demeanor, he can be very industrious and hard working when he puts his mind to it. Provided, of course, he isn’t distracted by some new device, or gets struck with the inspiration to build or modify something new. Often, he enjoys tinkering with machines, and making undocumented ‘improvements’ or repairing broken and corroded parts.

Towards the space pirates, he is very friendly, treating them with a sort of informal, but well meaning respect. He’s quick to lend a hand, especially with technical or maintenance matters. He would like to consider himself one of them, and is rather envious of their size and strength. He goes to great lengths to blend in with them and make his human presence less obtrusive or offensive.

On the other hand, he has nothing but contempt for the GF in particular and humanity in general. He is cold towards them, and doesn’t speak to other humans unless it’s necessary. He isn’t actively cruel or malicious himself towards them, but turns a blind eye to the pirate’s activities generally. If given a choice, he’d just as soon ignore them.

Strengths: Doak is very skilled with mechanical repair and construction, in a jury rigged sort of way. He has a reputation for being able to get use out of even the most ruined or inoperative equipment, and for finding ways to get different technology, even that made by different species, to work together.

In combat, he is very unpredictable, and able to improvise weapons and defenses from civilian equipment readily. Devices normally not considered dangerous can be lethal in his hands with just a few minutes of work. Also, given that his computer systems and constructions are not of any known or recognized type, they are very difficult to subvert.

Weaknesses: Even though Doak’s patchwork construction is of surprisingly good quality, it still is not as stable as regular work. There is a minor chance that his inventions and repairs may fail. (And rarely, fail catastrophically). Also, his improvised weapons and armor may not be as strong as standard issue.

Space pirates
Anything involving machinery or gadgetry.
Anything involving inventing, repairing, or building said machinery or gadgetry.

GF in particular, Humans in general (With a few exceptions)
Waiting, or being idle.

Equipment: Doak always seems to carry the tools of the trade with him,
Character History: ((See above))

Only applies if character has a battle suit.
Suit Name: Improvised aerotrooper armor
Suit Type: Custom built Aerotrooper armor.
Augmented mining laser: Doak has modified a standard mining laser with a weapons grade capacitor and a power armor generator. Said mining laser was made into a powerful, long range beam weapon, capable of hitting distant targets up to a kilometer away. Each shot appears like a piercing white beam of light. However, it takes time to charge up between shots.

Particle burst cannon: Originally a communication array, this device was supercharged to release powerful bursts of charged particles. Lacking an aiming or focusing system, said bursts disperse out into a cone pattern, but are still very dangerous in close range. The bursts appear like yellow and white sparks.

Grapple beam and sphere: Doak has installed a standard issue grappling beam onto his suit. In addition to this, he has made a sphere like device that his grapple beam can latch onto. Once charged with energy from the grapple beam, the sphere’s surface becomes electrically charged, and arcs of electricity can be seen dancing over it’s surface. Doak found he can use this sphere as a flail of sorts in conjunction with the grappling beam. It can reach a surprisingly long range.

Magnetic generator: This is basically a cargo lifter’s magnetic charger that was modified to project a more general field around himself. This field will cause solid projectiles and most particle beams to curve away from him and miss him. The shield can only operate in bursts, it doesn’t have a continuous setting.

Battle shield: This isn’t a standard issue battle shield, though it serves a similar purpose. It is actually an energy collection field, about a meter in diameter when switched on. It appears like a blueish transparent disk, that ripples like water whenever anything strikes it. It is hooked up to the augmented mining laser’s systems, and can absorb the energy from incoming beams and such and feed it into the laser’s capaciter, greatly reducing charge time or increasing it’s piercing power.

Point defense cannon: Another modified mining laser. This one had it’s power reduced in order to let it fire rapidly. It was hooked up to a small portable computer with programming from starship weaponry systems. This laser will automatically track incoming missiles and/or bombs, and will spray rapid bursts at it to take it down before it reaches Doak.

Doak has no alternate form, and he does not have his own ship yet.


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