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PostSubject: Raknar   Raknar Icon_minitimeSat May 22, 2010 2:25 am

Player ID: Rildok
Character name: Raknar
Race: Space Pirate
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 225 lb.
Appearance: A bigger build from a standard space pirate with a few scars on his face
Known Languages: Space pirate and a bit of English
Faction/Organization: Space Pirates
Alignment: Evil
Personality: hot tempered, merciless, cold
Strengths: natural strength, mid range to close quarters combat
Weaknesses: long range combat
Likes/Dislikes: killing federation dogs, success/failure, federation dogs
-> Customized battle rifle with shotgun attachment
-> Customized energy axe - energy blades look like two crescent moons back to back, it stands as tall as him with the blades activated
-> Frag grenades - he can only hold 3 at a time

Energy Axe Description:
Raknar RaknarsAxe

Character History: Raknar was just a regular grunt for the pirates to start off. Over the years he got stronger and more renowned, especially for his merciless slaughter. He became a high officer and got his own personal ship. Soon after that he was given command of a battleship.

Suit Name: PES-125
Suit Type: advanced space pirate commando battle armor
-> Battle rifle beam - burst 3
-> Battle rifle solid slug rounds - 8 shots before reload
-> Energy axe
-> Frag grenade x3
-> Advanced basic shielding
-> Hazard shielding
-> Phazite plating on most parts of the body and the head

Ship Name: Harbinger
Ship Type: Battleship
Weapon Systems:
-> Heavy laser cannons
-> Missile launchers
-> Point-defense systems
-> Cloaking and stealth field
Registered to the Name of: Raknar
Raknar Harbinger512

Personal Ship
Ship Name: Dramiel
Ship Type: Advanced fighter
Weapon Systems:
-> Laser cannons
-> Missile launchers
-> Cloaking and stealth field
Registered to the Name of: Raknar
Raknar Dramiel512


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