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 Nirul Latro

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PostSubject: Nirul Latro   Nirul Latro Icon_minitimeWed Jun 02, 2010 10:58 pm

Player ID: Nirul16
Character name: Nirul Latro
Race: Human
Age: 23
Gender: male
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 163 lbs
Appearance: Black hair, pale, crimson eyes
Known Languages: Most minus Chozo and Space Pirate
Faction/Organization: Bounty Hunter (favors The Federation)
Alignment: Good
Personality: Calm but talkative, Protective of friends
Strengths: Short range combat, long range combat
Weaknesses: Medium range combat, hard hitters, non-energy based opponents
Likes/Dislikes: Likes Short range combat, long range combat, socializing / Dislikes medium range combat, uncomfortable silences
Other: EMP Specialist
Equipment: Pulse Sniper Rifle, Dual Energy Blades, EMGS
Character History: Nirul lived on a planet towards the edge of Federation controlled space with his military father and loving mother, when he was a day from his 18th birthday the federations base of operations on his planet picked up incoming pirate vessels. They arrived the next day at 4 in the morning, Nirul woke to the sound of explosions and screaming, a few minutes later he got perhaps the oddest birthday present he had ever received, a pulse rifle. He joined the rest of the soldiers running towards the enemy, after a few minutes he arrived at the scene of battle, crouched down and before he could even fire a single round the squadron on the other side of the area caught the pirates in a cross-fire. A stray stun bolt caught him full in the face and released an electric should have killed him but it didn't, instead the shock from it increased the rate at which his brain processes information, effectively decreasing his reaction time. It also caused some blood cells in his iris to rupture effectively turning his eyes crimson, after some surgery he was able to see again...but he wouldn’t allow them to change his eye color.

After the pirates had been beaten off Nirul was allowed to leave the hospital and before anything else he went to the Federation outpost and filled out a training application. A week later he received confirmation. He then began a rigorous training program aiming to become proficient with Sniper Rifles and Melee combat. It was during this 2 years of training that he discovered his knack for EMP based weaponry. He pored all of his funds into a Ship, a Battle Suit, his newfound talent and went into business as a bounty hunter.

His Battle Suit the EMGS generates power from the electricity generated by his body and converts the energy into an electro magnetic frequency, the suit is also quite light and maneuverable allowing his heightened reflexes to come into play.

His ship The Dreadnaught is a heavy class fighter with heavy plating and shielding, the two forward mounted EMP cannons are meant to tear an opening in an enemy ships shields and leave space for the rotating laser turrets to finish the job. The Dreadnaught is also equipped with drop pods, which Nirul fondly refers to as “Overloads”. They are a ship-to-surface device that when activated with one of Niruls EMP waves will release a concentrated EMP blast within a small radius, but contact with the blast will cause pretty much any computer system to overload or short out.

Suit Name: EMGS (Electro Magnetic Generator Suit)
Suit Type: Upgraded federation recon armor, which is meant for speed and maneuverability.
Weaponry: EMP Projectors (pads located on his palms capable of projecting beams or waves of EMP, contact with a beam/wave will short out most energy systems or cause them to overload, if used at very close range a wave will knock an opponent back and cause most energy shielding systems to overload or short out.
Shielding: Electro Magnetic

Ship Name: The Dreadnaught
Ship Type: Heavy class fighter
Weapon Systems: 2 forward mounted EMP cannons, 5 forward mounted rotating laser turrets, 2 rear mounted rotating laser turrets.
Attachments: “Overload” drop pods, EMP Launcher, Heavy Energy Shield Generators
Registered to the Name of: Nirul Latro


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