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PostSubject: Makarov   Makarov Icon_minitimeSun Jun 06, 2010 7:02 am

Player ID: Rildok
Character name: Makarov
Race: Human
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 258 lb.
In casual attire:
Makarov 1RFG_Nedfofficer_final5copy

In battle suit:
Makarov 1RFG_Edfelitefrontbackcopy

Known Languages: English
Faction/Organization: Bounty Hunters
Alignment: Neutral
Personality: grim, cold, ruthless, a bit reckless
Strengths: fearless, natural strength, mid to close range combat
Weaknesses: whiskey, long range combat
Likes/Dislikes: drinking, killing, collecting bounties, close quarters to mid range combat/losing money, hangovers, long range combat
-> Customized assault rifle
Assault Rifle Description:
Makarov 1242350312L0Y20xj5EQ
-> Custom phazite combat knife/energy blade
-> Custom nova beam machine pistol
-> Phazite plated battle shield
-> Flash bang grenades x2
Character History: He and his family were in the lower class, pretty much the slums. His dad did a fair share of dirty work. Which got them in trouble evntually and a deal went bad. That deal was with a group that sells arms to the pirates. The federation caught them in middle of the deal and a fire fight broke out. One of the pirates deliberately shot his dad, and the feds killed off the rest of the pirates. They arrested the dealers, except for his dad. They killed him point blank in the head with a pistol. Word spread through the slums and this infuriated Makarov. So he decided to become strong so that one day, he could do something to both sides. He would have to lose a part of himself to work for both sides, nipping at the other until he can do something big to damage both of them.

Suit Name: EDF-396
Suit Type: Custom battle suit
-> Custom Assault Rifle
--> Nova beam (primary, top barrel)
---> Single shot, charged shot, full auto or burst 3
--> Phazite tipped armor-piercing and explosive rounds x20 per clip, 4 clips total (bottom barrel)
---> Single shot, burst 3 or full auto
-> Phazite battle knife that also expels an energy blade to make it an energy sword
-> Custom nova beam machine pistol
--> Three fire modes; single shot, burst 3 or full auto
-> Heavy advanced shielding
-> Hazard shielding
-> Combat
-> Thermal
-> X-ray
-> lighter armor for more flexibility and mobility
-> phazite plating on the armored parts

Ship Name: Malediction
Ship Type: Heavy fighter
Weapon Systems:
-> Heavy laser cannon
-> Homing missiles
Registered to the Name of: Makarov
Makarov Malediction512


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