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 Val'Strum Nictara

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PostSubject: Val'Strum Nictara   Val'Strum Nictara Icon_minitimeFri Jun 25, 2010 1:50 pm

Player ID: Commander7890

Character name: Val-strum Nictara

Race: Hunter Ing, possessing the body of a Pirate Commando Operations leader.

Age: Approximately 100 Earth years.

Gender: Male

Height: 9 feet, 5 inches

Weight: 324 pounds

Appearance: A tall pirate commando with dark skin, jet-black armor with crimson lighting.

Known Languages: Ing, Space Pirate, Galactic Federation Basic(I would say English, but In this kind of universe i have my doubts that it would be called that, like how the language of the Imperium in Warhammer 40k is called "Gothic")

Faction/Organization: None

Alignment: (Good, Evil, Neutral) Chaotic Neutral. He doesn't have a side, but will kill generally anybody.

Personality: Val-strum Nictara is a natural killer, being born as such. He generally remains quiet, very rarely saying something in one of the languages he knows except for Ing, never uttering a word in his original language. He is cruel and sadistic at heart, sometimes killing his bounties with very slow and painful deaths after ensuring that they cannot fight back(usually involved dismembering or breaking their limbs.) Has a very deep hatred for Samus and the Luminoth.

Strengths: Very strong resistance to dark energy. Strong resistance to basic weapons, such as the assault rifle and energy beam. Moderate resistance to elemental damage such as ice and plasma weaponry. Can phase in and out of existence and has lethal capabilities at close range with the energy dagger on his possessed body.

Weaknesses: High weakness to light based attacks. Cannot leave his possessed body. Will die if his host's body dies. Is incapable of creating allies.(Either they won't like him or he won't like them, comes with the nature of hating all things living)

Likes: Blood, death, general destruction and causing the deaths of all who he feels deserve such a fate.

Dislikes: Samus Aran, Aether, Luminoth, non-ing life forms in general.

Shoulder-mounted EMP grenade launcher

Dark Beam arm cannon

retractable scythe seething with corrosive shadow energy.

Shield generator(cannot use weapons while utilizing this)

Jet dash system

Character History: Val'Strum Nictara was one of the most highly honored of hunter Ing, serving as a commander figure for the hive on Aether. He is responsible for the fate of Task force Herakles' as one of his much larger offensives, building a swarm of dark splinters gradually through the use of many and willing warrior Ing, all itching to prove themselves through the promise of Hunter status for every warrior that delivered a killing blow to a marine that was guarding the G.F.S. Tyr. The now highly respected hunter worked on destroying the second group of marines, but instead of a large offensive, he used the tunnels and difficult terrain of Aether to his advantage and picked the marines off one by one with dark splinters and possessed war wasps. He also caused the destruction of three Space Pirate outposts, and made many pirate patrols "disappear."

Due to his efforts, he was praised highly by the Emperor, and as a gift was given the body of a leader variant of the Pirate Commandos. He still uses the body today. From the time that he was outside of dark Aether during its destruction, to the modern date.

After the destruction of Dark Aether, which Val'Strum survived because he was not inside of it during its collapse, he walked up the boarding ramp of the Federation drop-ship and entered its pilot seat. He knew how to fly this machine, his second host since the arrival of the marines had been the pilot himself, always taking what looked to be the leader of his enemies due to who was protected the most. From possessing the pilot, he gained the man's memories, his understanding of the ship, and the language he spoke.

He took off to the stars, searching... searching for his next victim. His people were dead, and he no longer had any adversaries he could fight with on Aether to satiate his blood thirst without losing his body. As he wandered through space, the repairs on the engines from the marine engineers suddenly gave out, and the ship began to drift through space. Val'Strum just sat there in the pilot's seat, meditating for days at a time, until finally, there was a loud thud that reverberated through the small ship, and the sound of something clamping onto the ship. Val'Strum stood up slowly and turned opened the boarding ramp, gradually striding out.

He was met by a Space Pirate boarding party, which thought that all of the crew on the drop-ship was dead, and pulled it in to salvage it. He was greeted with a,

"Greetings hunter!"

Val'Strum was a bit surprised at the answer, translating the words between languages, what the pirate said was Val'Strum's title amongst the Ing. Did these pirates hold the same ideologies as the Ing? Val'Strum would later come to find out that the full title was that of the body he had possessed, which was considered "The hunter of the hunter." The space pirates took him back to the planet that they called "Urtraghus." From there he was able to get an assignment called bounty hunting. He was too track down an officer of the Galactic Federation, and eliminate him. The hunter did so with rather ease, the man alone in his personal quarters in a marine outpost on a desert planet.

His mission was successful, and was in and out of it before anyone had even noticed thanks to his ability to phase in and out of reality. Val'Strum got more missions, finding that they greatly helped to quench his thirst for blood and death. He didn't just work for the Space Pirates, however, he also managed to get missions from federation officers who needed an "Inside man." to kill some random pirate captain or sabotage a Pirate ship's reactor. He played both sides, and neither side ever knew if they were hit by the mysterious commando. He remains as a relatively well known bounty hunter/mercenary, with a gruesome reputation, but nothing that could compare to Samus'.

Ship Name: Dark Shadow

Ship Type: Modified Pirate Interceptor

Weapon Systems:

Heat-seeking missiles

cannons modified to fire dark energy, which will not do as much damage immediately, but will begin to quickly corrode through the thickest of armor plating, or clog small engines if hit directly.

Attachments: Val'Strum can make his ship Phase in and out of the local time-space like his body, but it is much harder to do so, and will only last for a couple of seconds and suffers from a somewhat-lengthy recharge, but sometimes those few seconds are all it takes for him to gain the advantage on his opponent.

Registered to the Name of: Val'Strum Nictara


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Val'Strum Nictara
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