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 Corporal William Hemata

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PostSubject: Corporal William Hemata   Corporal William Hemata Icon_minitimeMon Jun 28, 2010 7:07 am

Player ID: Commander7890

Character name: William Hemata

Race: Human

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Height: 6 foot 1

Weight: 210 pounds

Appearance: White skin, short black hair, bright blue eyes

Known Languages: Federation basic

Faction/Organization: Galactic Federation Marine Corps

Alignment: Good

Personality: Will is a fun guy to be around, he cracks a lot of jokes and has a way of lightening the mood when things are tense. He doesn't crack jokes in battle, however, and will usually be busy screaming the sergeant's orders to the privates. He tends not to like the bounty hunters too much as they often "Steal the credit from the marines."

Strengths: Marine training, powerful assault rifle, Sharpshooter class aim.

Weaknesses: Just a normal human. No fancy combat suit. Will die rather easily without his squad as any marine would.

Likes: Vodka, Women, blasting pirates into tiny chunks.

Dislikes: FNGs, Space Pirates, Hunters.

Equipment: Basic Federation marine armor, High-powered assault rifle using ballistics ammunition, energy grenades, energy bayonet.

Character History: Will was born on Earth in the United States. He grew up in the area of New Mexico, the hot desert and terrible economy was almost unbearable, the only thing that was worth staying for was the natural beauty of the place. Land of Entrapment, they always called it, as many people went there for vacation, and never went back home because of how much they loved Its natural beauty.(I live in New Mexico >.> We do actually call it that for that very reason)

Will joined the marine corps at age 18, despite his best efforts he couldn't get the scoring required for officer training. So he enlisted as a Private. He's fought against the Space Pirates in multiple battles, and even fought in the Horus Rebellion. He is apart of the 204th Division, in Alpha Company's 42nd Platoon. He is a veteran of multiple battles.


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Corporal William Hemata
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